Our ultimate guide to wine hunting in Yass Valley, NSW

This boutique wine destination is the hidden gem of the Southern Tablelands.

If you’re planning a wine-centric weekend getaway, Yass might not be the first region to pop into your mind, however just a 45-minute drive from Canberra and a three-hour road trip from Sydney, this charming country town is brimming with celebrated wineries.

There are cellar doors in quaint villages alongside the powerhouse producers in the cold climate village, Murrumbateman. The Yass Valley district’s unique wine scene is raring to be explored, especially after a few challenging years of bushfires, the pandemic, and a damaging storm season.

Time your visit to align with the region’s spring events: See the beautiful Tulip Top Gardens in bloom or join the Murrumbateman Moving Feast, a delightful food and wine trail across the countryside (hosted on the 1st and 2nd October). Or if you’re just after a delicious drop, discover (and taste) what the Yass Valley has to offer at these vineyards and cellar doors.

Murrumbateman Winery, Murrumbateman

Fancy an Italian classic wine with a true Murrumbateman twist? Established in 1973, this small boutique winery is one of the oldest vineyards in the region and offers alternative varieties alongside its award-winning riesling and shiraz.

Using Nebbiolo grapes (an Italian red wine grape), owner and winemaker Bobbie Makin challenges the limitations of cold climate winemaking with his unique bottles of sangiovese, tempranillo and malbec. For big bold reds in hot vintages, wine tastings are available seven days a week, with food available on weekends.

For more information, visit Murrumbateman Winery.

Barton Estate, Jeir

With 20 acres of vines on north-facing slopes, Barton Estate grows an array of premium wines true to the cold climate region, from chardonnay to shiraz, where the grapes don’t have far to travel to the glass. For a drop with a little je ne sais quois, they also present experimental wine — like all five of the varieties traditionally producing full-bodied Bordeaux blends. This family-owned estate is one to mark on your map, open to visitors on weekends.

For more information, visit Barton Estate.

Eden Road Wines, Murrumbateman

A 30-minute drive from the centre of Canberra, a long driveway lined with towering trees leads to the cellar door of Eden Road Wines. Enjoy a guided wine tasting and experience the diverse array of complex wines, crafted from grapes grown across different soils and altitudes. Even better, Eden Road Wines was certified organic by The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) in 2021, meaning its vineyards are organically managed in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Cheers to that!

For more information and opening hours, visit Eden Road Wines.

Wallaroo Wines, Wallaroo

At Wallaroo Wines, you can enjoy a tipple (or two) of homegrown wine, then stay the night in a charming country retreat surrounded by 300 acres of farmland and vineyard. Delight in high-quality riesling, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and sparkling wines.

With stunning views stretching to the Brindabella Mountains, this picturesque family-owned homestead also doubles as a wedding venue. It has all the rudiments for a romantic weekend getaway.

For more information or to book accommodation, visit Wallaroo Wines.

Jeir Creek Wines, Murrumbateman

Charming, quaint and idyllic. The tree-lined lanes and manicured vineyards at Jeir Creek Wines are well worth a visit for the views alone, though it would be a shame to leave without experiencing their outstanding range of sparkling wines, red and white table wines, and dessert style varieties.

For more information or to book a cellar door appointment, visit Jeir Creek Wines.

McKellar Ridge Wines, Murrumbateman

If you’re embarking on a weekend wine trail, swing by this boutique winery and vineyard for a tasting and a cheese platter. Join the winemakers John and Marina Sekoranja at their cellar door to indulge in their award-winning wines that showcase the characteristics of the Yass Valley and Canberra region. Think: Fresh fruit flavours, unique spiciness, and crisp acidity.

For more information, visit McKellar Ridge Wines.

Four Winds Vineyard, Murrumbateman

Wood-fired pizza, anyone? No tipsy tour of Yass Valley and Canberra wine country is complete without stopping by this family-owned 33-acre vineyard and cellar door. It’s the perfect place to unwind with friends or family in a glorious setting, savouring a glass of hand-crafted wine paired with homemade pizza.

For more information, visit Four Winds Vineyard.

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