Still want to get hitched in the midst of the coronavirus? See how these couples are adapting their weddings

Be prepared to have a very small guest list.
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The wedding industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus, with thousands of couples forced to postpone their celebrations.

But even though you may not be able to have the big fairytale wedding of your dreams (for the coming months at least), that doesn’t mean you can’t make it official.

Current guidelines dictate that weddings can go ahead in Australia, but only five people can attend – the marrying couple, the celebrant and two witnesses. Everyone also needs to adhere to the four-square-metre rule and social distancing practices.

Before social distancing became enforced, weddings were a hotspot for the virus to spread, with one held in South Sydney resulting in 37 people contracting COVID-19.

Some couples even hurried things along, like wildlife warriors Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell, who married mere hours before the new laws kicked in.

WATCH BELOW: First look at Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s wedding. Post continues after video…

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As a soon-to-be witness in a corona wedding, I’ve been looking for inspiration to help make my friends’ special day extra special when their nearest and dearest can’t attend.

Without further I do, these are some of the most inventive ways people are tying the knot in the midst of a global pandemic.

(Image: Instagram @brisbanecelebrant)

Social distancing wedding

Celebrants like Brisbane’s Ketrina Coffey are still marrying couples in social distancing ceremonies in locations like parks. Newlyweds Emma and Ben (pictured) had their mums as their witnesses, aww!

(Image: Instagram @robyncelebrant_abbysway)

Wedding at home

You can even get married at home to be extra safe, like this Sydney couple. And save the real hugs for later!

(Image: Instagram @idodrivethruweddings)

I Do Drive Thru

Who would’ve thought a drive-thru wedding would be the way to go? I Do Dive Thru say they will operate until a complete lockdown hits, and you can either hop out of the car or stay inside, as a celebrant marries you.

(Image: Instagram @creativo_vjencanja)

Face masks

They may not be fashionable, but some decorated face masks will make the wedding photos memorable.

(Image: Instagram @acorn_oak_pm)

Face masks

Or you can always have special bride and groom face masks made up.

(Image: Instagram @acorn_oak_pm)

Zoom in friends and family

You may only be allowed two witnesses, but your friends and family can always tune in via Zoom or another webchat service.

(Image: Getty)

Hand sanitiser

Sydney couple Lara Laas and Daniel Clark tied the knot with the most precious wedding gift – hand sanitiser. They’re just missing the toilet roll!

(Image: Facebook)

Postponement photo shoot

Still not sure about going ahead with your wedding? Do what Kim Henrickson and her partner David Woolston did and have a corona-themed postponement photo shoot!

(Image: Instagram @jojeaco)

Postponement photo shoot

This couple’s toilet roll stash is making us green with envy!

(Image: Instagram @thegreatmedscape)

Geraldton Hospital

Emergency doctors Greta Geninson and Max Allin were meant to marry in April, but spent the day working at Geraldton Hospital.

(Image: Instagram @thegreatmedscape)

Geraldton Hospital

“When you can’t get married but you work with some incredible people and they dress you in butchers paper and a garbage bag to make you feel like the most beautiful couple!”

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