EXCLUSIVE: Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s secret second wedding!

The couple are determined to do it all again – and start their new life in the US.
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Bindi Irwin spent more than a year planning her dream wedding to her “best friend” Chandler Powell at Australia Zoo, but despite their obvious happiness it was a bittersweet affair.

The Wildlife Warriors made the tough decision to marry without family and friends, apart from her mum Terri and brother Robert, rushing the wedding forward to March 25 as the coronavirus pandemic struck Australia.

“Despite the fact they made it as positive as they could, there is no denying their wedding wasn’t what they wanted it to be, especially compared to what they had planned,” a well-placed insider tells Woman’s Day, who reveals the pair are quietly planning a secret second wedding in the US.

According to the insider, Bindi, 21, and her husband, 23, intend to tie the knot again in a lavish ceremony – and they may never look back!

The lovebirds, who first met in 2013, are said to be heading to Oregon to re-do their big day.

The state holds a very special place in Bindi’s heart – it’s where her mother Terri, 55, was born and raised.

“They want do it later this year – she loves the snow-capped mountains around there,” tells the source.

The event will certainly be welcome news for Chandler’s US-based family, including his mum Shannan, dad Chris and brother Cameron, who have not seen him for months.

“Bindi wants her in-laws plus her famous friends to be there for the party she really wanted,” the source continues.

Bindi and Chandler tied the knot just hours before strict social distancing rules were put in place.

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The happy couple dancing on their special day at Australia Zoo.

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But it’s not just their wedding that the couple are planning. The teenage sweethearts are said to be eyeing off a home in the US, with Bindi pushing to relocate their life on Chandler’s home soil.

“It would be no surprise if they’re using their second wedding to test the waters of American TV and magazine deals over there,” says the insider.

“Bindi has always dreamed of living in the States and to build her own production company.”

The news will no doubt come as a shock to her mum and 16-year-old brother, who are currently based at their Sunshine Coast home in Australia Zoo.

However, our source insists Bindi thinks it’s the right move.

Last week, she shed some light on the emotional decision she faces, with a pointed post on Instagram.

“Why are you sitting like that,” reads a caption of a cartoon snake and raccoon.

“My heart just feels a little heavy today,” the raccoon tells the snake.

The cryptic post Bindi posted on her Instagram account.

(Image: Instagram)

Bindi playing with a giraffe at Australia Zoo on her wedding day.

(Image: Instagram)

But it’s not just Bindi who appears to be struggling – her husband has also used social media to weigh in on the big move.

“Bindi’s friends have noticed he’s posting a lot of nostalgic pics of his life in America, where he was a famous wakeboarder. There’s no doubt he’d want to get back into that if he could, especially since Bindi’s already basically A-list in America and she stands to make a lot of money there as a TV personality,” the insider dishes.

Last week, Chandler took to Twitter to reflect on his surfing days, posting a snap of himself on the Oregon Coast and telling his fans he hopes they can celebrate International Surfing Day “wherever you are in the world”.

When he first met Bindi, Chandler was in the middle of a professional career in wakeboarding, which he first took up as a teenager.

He left his dreams behind when he moved Down Under to be with his new love, Bindi.

WATCH BELOW: Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s love story. Story continues after video.

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Terri Irwin is dating again!

Bindi has urged her mum to find someone special.

While Irwin family friend Russell Crowe, 56, is all but confirmed to be walking Bindi down the aisle at her Oregon ceremony, our source insists his presence has nothing to do with rumours he is dating her mum.

“Terri is currently single!” insists the insider, who can’t guarantee she will be for much longer.

“Bindi’s been urging her to start dating again and she’s finally agreed,” the source spills.

“She’s been on a few dates but isn’t serious about one man at the moment. However she’s open to bringing a date to Bindi’s wedding.”

Terri pictured with her daughter on Bindi and Chandler’s wedding day.

(Image: Instagram)

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