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Feel that? It’s the chill of winter in the air – and the telltale sign it’s time to book your next holiday. Luckily for you, we’ve found all the hottest vacation trends you need to hop onto right now…

Llama hiking

Who doesn’t love a llama? Well, now you get to trot alongside them! Llama hiking is becoming one of the new, fun ways to get your animal fix. While we’re more used to seeing llamas grace the grassy slopes of Machu Picchu in Peru, hikers can hotfoot it through Mother Nature – with llamas helping with the heavy lifting of food and equipment – everywhere from South America to the USA.

Make like Miranda Kerr and make llama selfies your next #vacaygoal.

(Source: Instagram/mirandakerr)

From hour-long walks with Smoky Mountain Llama Treks in Cosby, Tennessee, to multi-day treks with Wildland Llamas in Jackson, Wyoming, there’s an experience for everyone.

Bubble tents

Move over, glamping – there’s a new way to sleep under the stars without sacrificing any of your five-star comforts, courtesy of bubble tents. Popping up all around the world from Iceland to Mexico to the Maldives, these transparent bubbles make the most of luxe hideaways in secluded locations.

Those looking to experience it closer to home should head to New South Wales’ Capertee Valley to hunker down at Bubbletent Australia’s beautiful rooms (one even has a wood-fired hot tub!) overlooking one of the biggest canyons in the world.

The five-star bubble tent trend doesn’t look like it’ll burst any time soon…

(Source: Facebook/Bubbletent Australia)

Homeware hotels

If you love the minimalism of Muji and can wander for hours in West Elm, homeware hotels are your next accommodation stop!

Designed and furnished with the aesthetics of your beloved homeware brands, these hotels really are your home away from home. Japanese cult fave Muji has opened a branch in Ginza, Tokyo, adding to their two hotels in China, while West Elm’s first boutique hotel is slated to open in 2020 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Love homewares? You’ll lose it over the new Muji homeware hotels in Asia.

(Source: Getty)

Micro trips

Hate that depressing wait between big vacays? Sulk no more. This year is all about the micro trip and sneaking in as many weekend getaways as you can.

Perfect for when you’re short on funds and annual leave, mini breaks within a few hours’ radius give you a new appreciation for what’s in your backyard, or just a short flight away.

Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich have the right idea with their quick weekend getaways.

(Source: Instagram/mrtimrobards)

Travel apps

Apps are the hottest travel accessories, and App in the Air is your one-stop shop for keeping all your important documents on your phone.

Plus, its latest feature works as Travel Tinder, matching globetrotters at the same airports and on the same flights.

Forget Google maps, there’s a whole heap of travel-friendly apps on your phone.

(Source: Getty)

Struggling to pack? There’s an app for that! Let PackPoint know where you’re going, why and how long, and it tells you what you need.

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