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Tegan Martin's model-approved holiday hacks

Beauty queen babe Tegan Martin spills on her easy travel tips.

By OK! team
You've just started a healthy new diet and exercise routine, but that upcoming holiday could throw a serious spanner in the works.
Thankfully, there's no reason to worry. Model and health coach Tegan Martin, 26, has had plenty of experience in that department.
After travelling to Portugal last year on a Contiki tour, she discovered a few ways to enjoy her experience, while taking good care of her body at the same time.
She reveals how you can have fun while travelling, and still come back feeling just as fit as when you left!

Indulge without going overboard

"I think it's important to be kind to yourself, and to understand that nothing is going to be perfect when eating out," says Tegan.
"You may never know how much sugar has been used to create a sauce, however you can still make a choice to eat vegie-filled dishes rather than a plate of fried food."

Cheat yourself!

Don't get too caught up in calorie counting that you don't let yourself enjoy the local fare.
"Having a treat/snack or cheat meal once a day is a good measure for me when on holidays," explain the former I'm A Celeb Australia star.
"If you start doing that three meals a day, that's when you're likely to start feeling sluggish.
Aussie model Tegan swears by these tips for healthy, happy holidays. (Source: Instagram/tegan.martin) (Source: Instagram/tegan.martin)

Sip smart

Skip the boozy blowout and not only will you be fresh for sightseeing during the day, your body will thank you for it, too!
"Try drinking spirits in soda water with a glass of water in between each drink," says Tegan.
"This means you still get to enjoy a drink with your travel company, but won't wake up with a horrendous hangover."

Explore on foot

"Some of the most magical moments I've encountered overseas or interstate have been on a walk or run while exploring parks, beaches and cities by foot," explains Tegan, 26.
"I encourage people to look at holidays as more of a way to explore nature and the beauty that our world has to offer, rather than just exploring bars."
Walking is the best way to burn off treats! (Source: Instagram/tegan.martin)

Be prepared

Staying healthy is easy so long as you do a little prep while you're overseas.
"Find a local supermarket and arm yourself with fresh bottled water, fruit and nuts for your day trips," advises the former Miss Universe Australia star.
"Carry some 80 per cent dark chocolate in your bag to curb your after-dinner sugar cravings."

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