The beautiful Bali you remember is no more – disgusting trash levels in Bali oceans captured by diver

A picture is worth a thousand words.
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A diver has captured the truly shocking amounts of plastic polluting the once pristine waters of Bali beaches.

The diver, Rich Horner, was filming his dive off Manta Point, a popular Bali tourist destinations.

Ordinarily, the place is famous for its manta ray population – and while Rich may have been surrounded by floating objects, it’s not the kind anyone wants to see in our oceans.

Rich was as shocked as the rest of us when he found himself in the midst of the plastic. He posted his video on YouTube along with the caption: “The ocean currents brought us in a lovely gift of a slick of jellyfish, plankton, leaves, brunches, fronds, sticks, etc… Oh, and some plastic.”

A Balinese family walks in the beach amidst plastic waste.

Plastic can so easily destroy a beautiful beach, devastating the ecosystem and killing the Marine life.

Sadly, humanity is entirely to blame for this blight on mother nature – but we have a chance to make it right.

Natalie Isaacs, founder and CEO of 1 Million Women against Climate Change agrees, “I know the culture is changing,” she told Now to Love.

“We see it every day and in the end our supermarkets are going to have to listen to the message the consumers are sending them.”

“Living plastic free is not easy because plastic is everywhere in our lives but as consumers we have so much power in every choice we make every single day.”

“Everything we do shapes the world we want to live in,” she explained.

“We can leave the product packed in plastic on the shelf to gather dust.”

Want to make a change?

1 Million Women are currently running a campaign urging people to leave fruit and vegetables that have been packaged in plastic on the shelf and to purchase the loose ones instead.

“Over 10,000 women have pledged so far,” Natalia said.

“We were so happy when the other day one of our community sent us in a pic of her supermarket. It had all the plastic packed capsicums still on the shelf and all the loose ones gone.”

Find out more about 1 Million Women here.

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