Eight ways you can save on heating this winter and beat the chill

Take those energy bills into your own hands.
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Every quarter, energy bills only seem to increase, and never more so than after the big chill sets in.

However, it is possible to heat your home so that both you and your bank balance remain happy all season long, says Kirsty Lamont, energy savings expert at

1. Choose your appliances wisely

Electric heating is expensive, so it pays to do your research.

Ideally, you’d go for a reverse-cycle air conditioner over a portable heater. Reverse-cycle units have access to ambient heat outside the home and can concentrate it to distribute inside – no matter how cold it is outside.

Look for a five or six-star-rated unit to cut heating costs long term.

You don’t need to pay eye-watering sums for heating this winter!

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2. Don’t overdo it

When it’s chilly outside it can be tempting to turn up the thermostat, but even a few degrees difference will affect your bill.

“You want to keep your home comfortable, not tropical,” says Kirsty. “Warming your home to no more than 18-21°C can result in big savings since each extra degree of warmth adds 10 per cent to your heating costs.”

3. Turn off that towel rail!

Yes, they are clever inventions but having a heated towel rail in your bathroom can add $270 per year to your power bill!

Instead, try wrapping your bath towel around a hot water bottle.

Solar isn’t just better for the environment.

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4. Consider solar

Solar isn’t just better for the environment, it’s also more cost-effective in the long run. It’s important to check if your location is suitable first, as well as any government rebates you may qualify for.

Once your system is installed you may qualify for a feed-in tariff, which allows you to sell some of the electricity that you generate back to the grid.

Click here to see what programs are available in your state.

5. Use buffers

If you have a choice to live somewhere with insulation, take it! A well-insulated, house – particularly one with buffers in the ceiling – helps prevent heat from escaping.

“Having insulation can keep your home warmer by up to 5°C – at no cost,” Kirsty explains.

Draught-proofing can be a great way to save, too.

“Eliminating draughts can cut heating costs by 25 per cent because you’re trapping heat in the rooms that you use,” Kirsty adds. “Start with an old-fashioned door snake on external doors [available from as little as $3 at Bunnings]. Also, seal any cracks and gaps around window and door frames and between skirting boards.”

“Eliminating draughts can cut heating costs by 25 per cent because you’re trapping heat in the rooms.”

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6. Be a cheap and cheerful bookworm

Just like we all head to the cinema on a hot day, why not visit your nearest cosy local library this winter?

Find a comfy armchair in a snug spot and work your way through the latest novels while minimising your home energy bill!

7. Keep a hot water bottle handy

Of course, if you’re looking for the cleanest and greenest way to stay warm this winter, dig out your hot water bottle.

Sliding it under the covers before you climb into bed means you won’t need an electric blanket.

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8. Hunker down

Close off the rooms you’re not using and stop precious heat from seeping out of wherever you spend the most time. If you have an eat-in kitchen, take advantage of heat generated by the oven when roasting or baking.

Then when the food’s done and you’ve switched off the oven, open the door to let the warmth out. Toasty!

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