Avoid the sugar-crash with these chocolate-free Easter gift ideas for kids

Hop to these fun and fabulous options for the family!

Easter has long been associated with the Easter Bunny, chocolate eggs and treasure hunts, but for some of us, the sheer amount of sugar associated with the holiday is a problem we’d rather not deal with.

Sure, a little bit of Easter chocolate is fine for some, but when everyone you know is gifting eggs to your kids, the crash can be epic.

Fear not, because there are some great chocolate-free alternatives that make wonderful gifts for young and old. And the sugar is nowhere in sight!

The best chocolate-free gift ideas for Easter 2024


Ava Long Sleeve Pyjama Set Licensed

$34.99 at Cotton On

With the weather getting cooler around Easter time, gifting kids a fresh set of winter pyjamas is a great chocolate-free tradition to kick off at this time of year.

Is there anything cuter than a snuggly kid in their winter jammies? Pyjamas make great gifts for cousins and friends too, or you could go all the way and get matching!


Seed Heritage Jellycat Bashful Bunny

$59.95 at Myer

As cute as the chocolate bunnies are, we all know that fun lasts approximately seven minutes before the sugar crash hits.

Rabbit-themed toys, are a simple solution for long-lasting fun and can be enjoyed for years to come.


‘Your Child And The Easter Bunny’ Personalised Children’s Book

$59.99 at Hardtofind

Story-telling and reading are great ways to promote child development and enhance intercultural understanding and communication, and Easter is the perfect time to snuggle in and get reading.

This personalised book feels even more special and is a guaranteed new favourite.


Easter Egg Crayons

$31.95 at Hardtofind

If you’d still like the idea of an Easter egg hunt, never fear, you can still do it chocolate-free.

Egg toys like these Easter egg crayons make a sweet alternative – pardon the pun.


Easter Cookie Cutters

$16.90 at Amazon

Okay, you may not yet have been able to convince the kids of no sweets but try something other than chocolate with these adorable cookie cutters.

You could also try making hot cross buns together if you’re brave.


Mirror 3D Egg Name Decoration

$46 at Hardtofind

These mirror 3D egg name Easter decorations are not only cute but they can be grouped together as a family too and brought out every year.

They’re sure to not only last a lifetime but can become heirlooms that your children can enjoy even when they grow up and have families of their own.

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