Cathay Pacific are launching a new fragrance and we’re laughing all the way to the departures lounge

Open your window shades, people – this Hong Kong-based airline is giving away FREE perfume. Race you to a travel agent...
Woman spritzing perfume

Open your window shades, people – this Hong Kong-based airline is sweetening the deal of aboard their flights with a complimentary perfume.

And, to be honest, we’re here for it.

Between the plane’s air-con drying our skin to the point of a sandpaper-like texture (seriously) and potentially enduring 24 hours in transit sans showering (shudders), jetsetting ain’t always a glam experience.

Throwing in their two (s)cents, Cathay Pacific are filling this void with their new Aussie-made spritz: Parfums de Voyage, which is said to be scientifically crafted to ignite passengers’ travel memories.

Created in collaboration with renowned perfume expert Samantha Taylor of The Powder Room, this fragrance is inspired by the unique experiences, sounds, sights and smells Hong Kong offers its travellers.

So, essentially this vile of liquid HK is a bottled holiday.

According to Taylor, “[the] fragrance has a fresh, clean top note inspired by the greenery of the island, drying down to a warm, peppery base note that’s evocative of exotic spices and smoky incense.”

Oh, and did we mention that this is a FREE perfume? Well, anything that allows us to spend more money on our vacation than our beauty cupboard is a much-welcomes bonus.


OK, we’re if there was anything that could make us begin our final approach to booking a Cathay flight, it may or may not be this top drop…

But as experts tell us, smelling delightful isn’t the only measure we should be taking on board a flight to ensure we’re feeling our very best.

Aside from using travel-sized (100mnl or less) facial spritzes and nourshing lip balms, celebrity make-up artist and Manicare advisor Liz Kelsh tells us her number-one trick for faking that onboard facial freshness.

“My favourite trick is to apply a hydrating gel face mask a couple of hours before landing,” she says.

“They work wonders in giving your skin a luminous, just-been-to-a-spa look!”

So, essentially this:

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