Expert-approved travel beauty tips that’ll help you arrive looking fresh

Be photo-ready as soon as you land.
Chrissy Teigen doing her rmakeup

Flying can take its toll on your skin. The dry cabin air can lead to dehydration and dullness, not to mention the stress of travelling can disrupt your skincare routine and cause breakouts. Liz Kelsh, celebrity makeup artist and Manicare adviser, tells us her ultimate travel essentials, and how to prevent crepey skin and fine lines when you land.

How do you stop beauty products from exploding mid-flight?

“I always squeeze any excess air out of my bottles and make sure the lid is on firmly. To contain any damage, I also place my beauty products in ziplock bags in case there’s an accident.”

What’s the first thing you do when you board a plane?

“Most people find their skin looks a little bit tired and even congested after a long flight. This is why I always travel with a hand sanitiser. I give my armrests and controls a quick once-over to remove any bacteria that may end up on my face. It sounds crazy, but it does keep your skin looking fresh!”

Which products should be kept handy during a flight?

“I always pack a facial spray to replace lost moisture, a hydrating face mask to give my skin a lovely glow, a nourishing lip balm and hand cream, eye drops and, of course, my trusty hand sanitiser.”

How do you stick to the 100ml liquid travel limit?

“If I can’t find my favourite products in travel-size, I transfer them into Manicare’s clear travel bottles. They’re such a lifesaver – I even use them to mix custom-blend foundations in!”

Before landing, what do you do to get your face looking as fresh as possible?

“My favourite trick is to apply a hydrating gel face mask a couple of hours before landing. They work wonders in giving your skin a luminous, just-been-to-a-spa look!”

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