Make the vegan in your life feel thought of by surprising them with one of these eco-friendly gifts

They'll appreciate the effort.
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It may not suit everyone, but the vegan lifestyle offers many benefits to the world.

Despite popular belief, it’s about more than caring for animals and their wellbeing. Going vegan conserves water because livestock drink more fresh water than anything else plus, it encourages plant diversity, and can purify the air by reducing the demand for livestock.

The diet may not be for you, which is totally okay, but your vegan friends and family are doing their part for the environment, which is something we should all support.

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When it comes to celebrating them on birthdays and other celebrations, though, it can be a struggle to find a gift they will love and that will also meet their values.

Of course, there is the safe option of buying vegan food products like cakes, biscuits, and trail mixes, but it doesn’t come with the same excitement as a chic handbag or a good book.

We’re not saying your friends and family won’t love a bundle of goods (please, do not abandon that idea), but it won’t hurt to add a little variety into their life.

Luckily ever since the diet became popular over the past few years, its gift industry has boomed, and you can pick out a perfect vegan inspired gift for extra egg-free brownie points.

To take the mystery out of gift-giving for your fave echo-warrior, here are some presents they will talk about for years to come.

(Image: Sundae Muse)

Vegan gifts

Contribute to their accessory game with faux-leather goods that will inspire many compliments.

Munroe Bag, $71.00, Sundae Muse.

(Image: Amazon)

Vegan gifts

A practical gift like sustainable kitchenware is an ethical gift worth investing in.

Zenify Earth Vegan Food Wraps Set of Three, $24.95, Amazon.

(Image: Booktopia)

Vegan gifts

For the friend with a sweet tooth.

The Little Book of Vegan Bakes, $29.90, Booktopia.

(Image: Booktopia)

Vegan gifts

For the friend that loves to experiment in the kitchen.

The Vegan Butcher, $45.80, Booktopia.

(Image: Byron Bay Gifts)

Vegan gifts

Sometimes a gift box filled with snacks isn’t just the safe option but also the right one.

Vegan Gift Hamper, $95.00, Byron Bay Gifts.

(Image: Matt and Nat)

Vegan gifts

The friend that is always on the go will appreciate a conscious backpack.

Mumbai Vegan Backpack, on sale $87.00, Matt and Nat.

(Image: The Body Shop)

Vegan gifts

The friend that wants to nourish their dry skin without using milk-based moisturisers.

Creaming & Dreamy Coconut Big Gift, on sale at $49.00, The Body Shop.

(Image: The Iconic)

Vegan gifts

For your fashionable friend who doesn’t want to wear real leather but loves the look.

Spurr Sabinah Loafers, $49.99, The Iconic.

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