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The rise of the rural bachelor

The rise of the rural bachelor

Sam Trethewey, 29, is nominated as rural bachelor of the year.

Look out ladies, there’s a new breed of bachelor in town. Only they’re not in town at all — they’re out working on the land.

The age of the metrosexual is well and truly over with women shifting their preferences towards blokes who are handy with a tractor and know how to muster sheep. Welcome the rise of the rural bachelor.

Romance writers have already started cashing in on the trend with 50 Shades-esque novel covers featuring abandoned dusty Akubras thrown on bales of hay lining bookshop walls, and Australian women are starting to wise up as well.

Third generation farmer Sam Trethewey is one such bachelor who can give some insight into the appeal of country boys.

“There seems to be a romantic, kind of sexy, masculine idea around farmers,” he says.

“For women there’s that earthiness, there’s that genuineness. There are good family values that come with farming.

“It’s a real family orientated lifestyle but I think the main thing is fun — we definitely know how to have fun.”

The humble bachelor is quick to point out that he doesn’t necessarily credit himself with all of these attributes, but nonetheless he’s been chosen as one of Australia’s most eligible rural blokes.

The 29-year-old travels to New Zealand next week to compete for the title of Fieldays Australasian rural bachelor of the year.

Sam entered as “a bit of fun”, and was chosen along with two other Aussies and five Kiwi natives to compete in a series of challenges to take home the “golden gumboot” — the competitions top prize.

The goal of the competition for Sam is to give farmers a bit of exposure and work on closing the “country-urban” gap by “working with city people to understand our wild ways”, but he’s not completely ruling out meeting a bachelorette.

As well as the prized golden gumboot, there is also a People’s Choice award up for grabs.

To vote for Sam and see the rest of the rural bachelor nominees click here.

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