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Let’s Just Take A Minute To Celebrate Charlotte’s Love For The Rabbit In ‘Sex And The City’

There is so much to learn from Sex and the City, from of NYC hook-ups, to navigating dodgy break-ups, and, of course, all the wonderful ways we can get our.

The SATC gang are for sure the girls to thank for helping clear surrounding the world of sex toys.

While there is a whole walk-in wardrobe worth of great sex toy moments in SATC there is one episode that will always hold a special spot in our nether regions. Season 1, Episode 9.

Of course it’s the episode where Big tells Carrie again and Samantha tries to Queer Eye a dork into a date able man but it’s also the episode that introduced Charlotte (and the world) to the dual-action vibrator, aka the Rabbit vibrator.

Viewers couldn’t deny the toy looked exciting, being able to simultaneously achieve clitoral and g-spot stimulation, and the deal was done when Charlotte gave this review. “Once I came for five minutes.”

The power of the Rabbit is not to be underestimated. Really, what other sex toy could make old romantic Charlotte trade men for a toy? But Charlotte’s love for the Rabbit is much more powerful than its buzz. Her willingness to take her sexual pleasure into her own hands is a message that more women need to hear.

The normality with which SATC talked about female sexuality and pleasure showed that sex toys are fun and a great topic of conversation for your next brunch. Smashed avocado and butt plugs? YES PLEASE.

The idea that the toys are out there ready for women to take control is empowering, and as Miranda rightfully points out: At least you know where your next orgasm is coming from. Honestly when it comes to sex toys.

Much like the outlook on women’s pleasure, sex toys have also come a long way since Miranda, Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte were going in deep over a coffee. There are now bullet vibrators perfect for clitoral stimulation or finger vibrators that are ideal for some foreplay fun. Vibrators come an sizes and strengths. The options, much like the pleasure you can get from them, are endless.

Although, nothing quite compares to the all-singing, all-dancing Rabbit vibrator with its dual stimulation that really steals the show. Since it made its on screen debut with SATC, the Rabbit has only become better with age, as new designs have been tailored towards specific sensations points for ultimate bunny loving.

So why not treat yourself to a Sex and the City icon and hop on the Rabbit train? Here are our recommendations for the best once to get you to the five-minute-orgasm goal.

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