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Sally Obermeder makes a public vow to her husband to repair their relationship

The TV personality pens a touching pact to her partner of 17 years.
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Together, Sally Obermeder and her husband of 17 years, Marcus, have endured the toughest of storms.

In 2011, at 41-weeks pregnant Sally discovered a breast lump the size of a tennis ball. She was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer and just days after giving birth to a healthy little girl, Annabelle, the TV personality endured 16 rounds of chemotherapy and two mastectomies.

Despite the unity that life’s hardships have brought, Sally has revealed her marriage has fallen second to her kids, career and health, and now in a public pact to her husband she promises to change that.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday the TV presenter posted a smiley selfie with Marcus and accompanied it with a special promise to ‘bring back the fun’ to their marriage.

“Relationships are easy in the beginning. You have two people with all the time in the world to just focus on each other and have fun,” she wrote alongside the snap of the couple who appear to be fresh from swimming.

“Then along the way things get serious. Life throws you some curveballs and if you’re not careful you forget to have fun. I really noticed last year, that was me.”

Sally, who has never shied away from sharing her health battles and motherhood journey, goes on to candidly explain that her children and career drained her sense of fun.

“Getting sick, having kids, focusing on work, starting a business all of it meant life became serious and along the way I lost that sense of fun that I had.”

“My aim this year is to get it back,” she vows.

The post was met by many enthusiastic commenters inspired by Sally’s honesty.

“Keep thinking about this post, @sallyobermeder. Think I’ll add this reframing of fun into my 2018 plans,” commented one social media user.

“Life is just too darn short not to have fun. I’m with you Sal – This is the year to reintroduce FUN in life,” said another.

When in a secure, long term relationship (especially one that has overcome serious struggles), relationship and body language expert Katia Loisel explains it’s easy to slip into ‘cruise mode’ and forget to appreciate it each other.

“Leaving your relationship to take care of itself can lead to feelings of resentment, decreased self-esteem and lack of relationship satisfaction, where neither of you feels appreciated or valued,” she says.

Loisel says to correct this, it’s as easy as acknowledging your partner, staying curious about their interests and celebrating their achievements.

“Thank him for the time, energy and effort he puts into everyday tasks, such as taking out the recycling or fixing that leaky tap.”

“It’s one of the simplest yet most romantic gestures.”

Relationships take work, and Sally’s vow to ‘bring the fun’ is the reminder to many of us to take the time to enjoy each other – and life!

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