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‘Man’ won’t propose to his girlfriend until she gets FIT, excuse us as we grab our pitchforks

Righto, [insert expletive here].
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There are some people, like Turia Pitt, Lisa Wilkinson and Ita Buttrose, who remind us of the power and strength of kindness, intelligence and, y’know, what it means to be an uplifting, inspiring human-being.

Then there are those who choose to belittle and fat-shame others – worse still, some do this to people they are supposed to love.

^^Barack gets what we’re saying…

Such is the case of one woman’s partner, who says “he doesn’t see himself proposing” until she becomes “more fit”.

As reported by, a 28-year-old woman has taken to Reddit to ask for advice on how to deal with (an almighty d*ck move of…) an ultimatum her boyfriend of five years has given her.

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“My weight is something I’ve struggled with over the years since I was pretty much a teenager,” says the Reddit user, only known as Someecards.

“I’m now at more of a ‘normal’ weight, although a bit bigger than when we first started dating.”

“I’ve recently put on about 10 pounds (4.5kg) because of a bad injury and I’m now able to start working out again.”

“I’m not upset that he wants me to be more fit, because I agree and it’s something that I want as well. What I’m upset about is that he is using being fit as a condition of marriage. That if I stay the same, we will simply continue dating.”

“He says that he wants to spend his life with me and that he isn’t going to break up with me but he really wants to see me more fit.”

Ironically, Someecards also divulges that her boyfriend, who she owns a house with, has put on weight and has been “attempting” to work out. She says that despite him wanting her to get fit, she thinks he looks “fine”.

While we want to illicit a verbal smackdown of epic proportions on this guy, we can’t help but think back to another instance of a woman feeling as though she needed to look a certain way to appease a man.

Remember when earlier this year Mama June revealed her dramatic weightloss of 136kg?

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In our opinion, her countless surgeries, the months she spent recovering in agony, the nights she would wake up vomiting because she’d eaten more than her fist-sized gastric band would allow were (wrongly) overshadowed by one sad revelation…

Inadvertently, Mama June’s dramatic slimdown became less about her and more about her pursuit of a ‘revenge body’ to impress her ex, Sugar Bear.

From this…

To this.

“When Sugar Bear sees the new and improved me at his wedding, he’s gonna be so jealous about what he’s missing out on,” she said.

While we’re all for bettering ourselves in pursuit of becoming our healthiest, happiest selves, allowing someone to make you feel as thought you have to grinds our gears.

Really, if a man, or woman, doesn’t love you for the terrible television you watch, the Tim Tam addiction that just won’t go away or for the way you look, they’re not worth your time/energy/tears/cash spent on therapy, not said-Tim Tams.

And a marriage proposal, for that matter.

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