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Is this the age your partner is most likely to cheat?

Apparently age isn’t just a number…

First there was the study that pin-pointed cheaters by what type of job they have, and now there’s this: a survey claiming to have uncovered the age your partner is most likely to succumb to infidelity.

The research, which was conducted by Illicit Encounters – an online dating site for people “looking for a little romance outside of their current relationship” – suggests that the age most likely to have an affair is… 39.

Not only that, according to Illicit Encounters, the last year of each decade is also believed to be high on the most-popular-age-to-cheat (49 and 29, respectively).

After surveying more than 1,000 of their members, the dating site found that these are popular betrayal ages because they mark big turning points in people’s lives, with the change from 39 to 40 feeling the biggest.

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Not only that, but, as Indy100 reports, the survey participants also ranked why they’re more likely to cheat.

  • Unhappy in the bedroom (76%)

  • The opportunity to cheat just purely arose (54%)

  • Bored with current partner (46%)

  • Coming by a former flame (28%)

  • Wanting something different (22%)

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