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Four out of 10 men would hire someone to do DIY jobs

Four out of 10 men would hire someone to do DIY jobs

Finding it hard to get those little jobs done around the house? A new British study has found that the modern man has no quick fixes when it comes to DIY.

The study found that four out of 10 men said that they would rather hire a tradesman than attempt a basic job themselves, while 72 percent said they wouldn’t know how to replace a broken tile.

So what’s the reason behind the lack of handy-jobs no know how? Partners who automatically call a handyman when a job needs doing and long hours spent at work are the two main reasons.

However, almost half of the 2000 men surveyed said no one had ever taught them how to carry out straightforward tasks and had never got around to teaching themselves.

Of the men surveyed 73 percent didn’t know how to change a leaking tap while 61 percent said they didn’t know how to lay turf.

One in five added that when they attempted to fix a problem, they only made it worse.

Chris Burke of, an online company who finds local Tradesman in the UK, which commissioned the study, said it was surprising how many men were not handy around the home.

“People who assume most men can turn their hand to some of the more basic tasks, such as drilling a few holes to fit a curtain rail are wrong,” he said.

“On bigger tasks such as doing the plumbing in bathroom suites or fitting kitchens, sometimes it’s just better to source outside help rather than risk things going wrong.”

The survey also revealed that their lack of knowledge made men feel inadequate with 14 percent too proud to call in a tradesman.

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