From George to Louis, here are the top 100 boy names to add to your baby list ASAP

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When it comes to picking the perfect baby name for your little one, you may or may not find yourself spending hours trawling Google for the trendiest baby name of all time or the most unpopular baby names to NOT give to your newborn baby.

Perhaps instead of googling moniker options, you look to what the Royals and celebrities are calling their kids (hello, George and Louis).

You see, no matter how you come about landing on the name your child will carry with them for the rest of their lives, new research has shown that Australia’s new-gen name-calling patterns are seeing a spike in cool, quirky names and more classic, traditional titles sitting on the sidelines.

While boys’ names like Jake, Blake and Joshua have taken a tumble down the trending-names list, the likes of Leo, Archer, George and Finn are on the rise.

Whether you’ve jotted down some possible names for your on-the-way baby boy or you are merely intrigued to see where your son’s name stacks up against other boys’ names across the country, these are the top 100 baby names of the year.

Starting with…

100 Leon

99 Harley

98 Aaron

97 Asher

96 Dominic

Rachael Finch cuddled up with her little boy/doppelganger, Dominic.

95 Nathaniel

94 Jude

93 Bodhi

Fun fact: Meghan Fox’s adorable second son is named Bodhi, too!

92 Vincent

91 Fletcher

90 Felix

89 Parker

88 Ryder

Say hello to Kate Hudson’s eldest son, Ryder.

87 Spencer

86 Sonny

85. Ali

84. Nicholas

83. Arthur

82. Gabriel

81. Muhammad

80. Beau

79 Adam

78. Blake

77. Toby

76. Owen

75. Charles

74. Jake

73. Louis

Princess Charlotte couldn’t have been more excited to meet her little brother, Louis, in April.

72. Hamish

71. Angus

70. Luke

69. Carter

68. Dylan

67. Caleb

66. Jasper

65. Nate

64. Aiden

63. Joseph

62. Jayden

Did you know that Britney Spears’ youngest son goes by the name of Jayden?

61. Ashton

60. Darcy

59. Matthew

58. Austin

57. Zachary

Sir Elton John and his partner, David Furnish, named their first baby boy, born via surrogate, Zachary.

56. Michael

55. Kai

54. Flynn

She may’ve just named her newest baby boy Hart, but her eldest son, who she shares with ex-husband Orlando Bloom, goes by Flynn.

53. Jordan

52. Tyler

51. Edward

50. Luca

49. Jaxon

47. Hugo

46. Daniel

45. Patrick

44. Riley

43. Finn

42. Eli

41. Jackson

40. Arlo

39. Lincoln

38. Theodore

37. Sebastian

36. Ryan

35. George

No wonder this is a popular name – the future King Of England reps it!

34. Archer

33. Archie

31. Benjamin

30. Jacob

29. Logan

28. Cooper

27. Isaac

26. Xavier

25. Elijah

24. Harvey

23. Oscar

22. Max

21. Harry

20. Levi

19. Hudson

18. Samuel

17. Lachlan

16. Hunter

Got Instagram? Then you’ve probably come across Roxy Jacenko’s son Hunter’s Instagram page…

15. Alexander

14. Liam

13. Harrison

12. Leo

11. Charlie

10. Mason

9. Ethan

8. Henry

7. Lucas

6. James

5 Thomas

4. Noah

Little brother to Anja, Alessandra Ambrosio’s son, Noah, is as gorgeous as his supermodel mum!

3. Jack

2. William

1. Oliver

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