EXCLUSIVE: What REALLY got Tiffiny Hall through her “horrendous” pregnancy

And how her relationship with her husband, Ed Kavalee, is stronger than ever.
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Fact: having children is an experience not all women are fortunate to enough to go through. However, that doesn’t mean that this experience is always an easy one… Such is the case for one of our all-time favourite fit-fluencers, Tiffiny Hall.

The 33-year-old mum-of-one, who gave birth to her little boy, Arnie, just five months ago, has been very vocal about just how “horrendous” her nine-month pregnancy was.

“I thought I would have this fantastic pregnancy, continue to exercise, be inspiring to women and keep my fitness, but no!” she tells Mother & Baby exclusively.

“I got sick, and all I wanted to eat was sausage rolls! I asked my obstetrician why I would be craving that and he thought it was the salt content, because being sick, my body was losing salts and I needed to make them up.”

“I also lived on litres of milk, because water tasted awful after being sick. Between the sausage rolls, the milk and not being able to exercise, I put on 30 kilos and I felt so horrible.”

Little Arnie was born last September.

But through it all, Tiffiny confesses that, aside from her favourite baked treat, there was one thing – well, person – who she couldn’t have battled through her pregnancy without. That person? Her husband, actor and radio host Ed Kavalee.

“Ed would be going to Pie Face and buying 12 [sausage rolls] at a time!” she continues.

And seeing Ed with their son makes Tiffiny’s heart burst, almost as much as our own…

“Seeing Arnold with his dad is one of the best things,” she says. “Our relationship has changed – it’s a little less sexier – but it is beautiful seeing Ed being a dad. We haven’t left Arnold to go to dinner yet, but we have time together when he’s asleep.”

“We go for a walk with him sleeping in the pram, but we are still in that stage where we want to be with him all the time.”

“Ed started this competition where at night, we show each other the cutest photo we took of Arnold that day. We are besotted with him right now… I’m not sure that will ever wear off.”

For more about Tiffiny’s pregnancy, how she gained, and has almost lost, 30kg in pregnancy weight, along with exclusive workouts for new mums, pick up the current issue of Mother & Baby, on sale now!

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