The Biggest Loser's Tiffiny Hall's post-baby body snaps are giving us life

She is one empowering mamma!

By Bettina Tyrrell
The Biggest Loser trainer Tiffiny Hall and her comedian husband Ed Kavalee welcomed their son Arnold Martin Kavalee three nine weeks ago.
And while the Taekwondo-loving Gladiator star is known for her incredible body and intense fitness regime, the she says she's in no hurry to "bounce back" to her taut, six-pack boasting, pre-baby body.
Rather, the new mum is taking an empowering and relatable approach to her post-pregnancy body and we're thanking our lucky fitness stars for her real-talk.
This is the kind of refreshing conversation we need around new mums and their bodies.

Taking to Instagram the kick-butt trainer posted a before-and-after shot that had her following of 82,000 applauding.
"Here is another kind of now and then, and you know what? I couldn't be happier," Tiffiny captioned the photo which shows a split screen of two shots.
One photo, shows a pre-pregnancy, totally ripped Tiffiny, the other; a beaming, post-pregnancy Tiffiny in a black bra and undies (spot the little cutie in the background, sweet!).

"I look at Arnold and it's me who created that little ninja! My body did that. So, the way I see it, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been," she wrote.
"Ninjas come in all shapes and sizes, the goal is to work on the happy just as much as the fit. It is sooooo important to be happy and healthy..."

This isn’t the first empowering post Tiffiny has sent out on social media. Recently, she posted a snap wearing a sports bra and tights and holding her precious little Arnie.

"From the moment I saw those two special lines on a stick, to the beautiful dark brown line running down my belly to now holding Arnold in my arms, it has been one of the most challenging and magical times of my life,” she captioned the picture.
"It's a chaotic, overwhelming and blissful time. I am so happy that all my energy is going into bonding with my baby."
"I could be worrying about my body and feeling pressure to bounce back or… I could just love my body because it is the strongest it’s ever been after labour and delivering a child."
"There will come a time for me to get back into my fitness and Taekwondo, but as long as this brown line is here, it means it's my time to focus on self-care: from listening to a meditation podcast whilst doing the washing, eating as well as I can, drinking loads of water, doing pelvic floor lifts when feeding Arnold and allowing myself to just cry it out if that's what the moment calls for."
"This is mine, Ed's and Arnie's journey and there is no rush. We are stopping to smell all of the baby roses."
Preach, Tiff! We love it!