BREAKING BABY NEWS: Tiff Hall and Ed Kavalee welcome their second baby

Arnold is officially a big bro!
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And then they were four!

Tiffiny Hall and Ed Kavalee, who already share son Arnold, have officially welcomed their second child – an adorable baby girl.

She arrived on Monday May 30, but the couple chose to wait a day before sharing the news.

Taking to Instagram, new mum Tiff shared her happy news as well as the first glimpse of her precious bub.

“Arnold’s little sister has arrived. Welcome Vada Kavalee,” the fitness queen penned alongside a black and white snap of her daughter’s tiny hand.

The unique name has German roots and means “knowledge”, “rule”, and “famous ruler” – clearly Tiff and Ed are planning for their little girl to grow into a strong young lady one day.

Famous friends like Erin Molan and Ash London were quick to congratulate the couple in the comments, sharing a flood of heart emojis.

In December last year, Tiff shared her exciting pregnancy news with her fans and followers with a stunning bump photo taken at their family home.

“A dream come true. Baby Kavalee coming in 2022 ,” she captioned the snap.

In the lead-up to her announcement, fans noticed that Tiff strategically shared photos covering her growing belly or throwback shots so as to throw people off the scent.

Baby number two is here!

(Image: Instagram)

Ed and Tiff tied the knot in 2014 and welcomed their first child, son Arnold, three years later.

However, Tiff’s pregnancy was not an easy one.

“I got sick, and all I wanted to eat was sausage rolls! I asked my obstetrician why I would be craving that and he thought it was the salt content, because being sick, my body was losing salts and I needed to make them up,” the former Biggest Loser star told Mother and Baby.

“I also lived on litres of milk, because water tasted awful after being sick. Between the sausage rolls, the milk and not being able to exercise, I put on 30 kilos and I felt so horrible.”

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Though Arnold came into the world safely, there were some complications during the birth.

“I said, ‘Don’t pat me on the back, don’t touch me just coach me because I’m used to being coached just tell me I’m doing a good job’,” Tiff recounted.

“[Ed] saw the heart rate of the baby drop and everyone came rushing in. He saw the cord wrapped around the baby’s neck as he came out and he saw the obstetrician just reach it around his head to relieve him, it was pretty full on for Ed.”

We’re just happy the family have one extra member, congratulations!

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