“Next time we’ll be outnumbered!” Jayne Azzopardi & Sylvia Jeffreys share a final playdate with their sons before welcoming second children

Big brothers in full training mode now.
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Channel Nine presenters Sylvia Jeffreys and Jayne Azzopardi have read something like a parallel narrative over the past two years.

Both fell pregnant, both welcomed baby boys and both navigated the wonderful peaks and troughs of first-time motherhood together.

Then, like clockwork, they both fell pregnant again – and they’re both set to welcome their second children around the same time.

A glorious comfort it would be to share a pregnancy journey with your work wife and close friend – Sylvia and Jayne have certainly given us a sweet taste of it with their numerous play dates and matching bump pics.

And if you’ve been following their journey to date, you’ll likely notice the pair are very quickly approaching their due dates.

But before their new babies arrive, they ensured time for one, final playdate.

The final playdate! Jayne shared this sweet snap as the two Nine presenters prepare to welcome their second children.


Sharing the cute image on Instagram, Jayne and Sylvia spent a sunny playdate with their one-year-old sons in a park.

“Next time we’ll be outnumbered @sylviajeffreys!” Jayne captioned the picture.

She added the apt hashtag, #bigbrothersintraining.

The pair have shared their pregnancy journey together over the past few months.


Sylvia reshared the pic to her own Instagram story, writing, “Soon there’ll be six”.

She also added several brain explosion emojis, which we can’t blame her for – two work wives with two children under two isn’t a common occurrence though all the more glorious that they have each other to embark on the journey together.

The secondary mums to be are well equipped at each other’s sides throughout the journey.


Last week, Sylvia began her official maternity leave, with Jayne not long to go until hers.

With that said, expect two new Channel Nine babies to give us plenty to smile about in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…

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