EXCLUSIVE: Snezana Markoski’s workout with baby Willow

Sizzle like Snez!
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As her December wedding to Bachelor love Sam Wood approaches, Snezana Markoski is getting down to business when it comes to her health and fitness.

The stunning mum has had to adapt to a newborn 
in the home, giving birth to the couple’s beautiful baby girl Willow nine months ago, all while planning one of the local celebrity world’s most-anticipated nuptials.

Snez, 37, opens up 
to Woman’s Day about her current workout regimen and what she’s cooking in the kitchen these days.

It was all roses for Sam and Snez but sadly it was nothing but thorns for the runner-ups! We see where they are now!

Double duty!

Snez gets a workout while taking care of daughter Willow.

Look at that face!

Snez looks remarkable.

Not long until the big day, how exciting! How will your fitness routine change in the lead-up?

My routine will mostly stay the same as I’ll continue to do my 
28 By Sam Wood workouts 
at home, however I’ll do 
a little more cardio and up 
my running game.

What are some of your favourite exercises?

For me, it’s all about full-body movements – I want to work as many parts of my body 
as I can. With a baby, time 
is everything!

Kisses for Willow!

Time for a lunge!

Snez welcomed her second child nine months ago.

Are you focusing more on resistance (strength) or cardio-based workouts?

I pretty much split it 50/50.

I’ve definitely got a long way 
to go, but I’m feeling fitter and stronger every day.

What’s been the hardest thing getting back into working out post-pregnancy?

Even though I kept fit during my pregnancy, I still honestly felt really horrible after I had Willow.

Your body looks so different and everything is magnified when you’re tired.

So, getting past 
a combination of tiredness and just feeling like you’ve got so far to go was the hardest.

“I try to get my workout done when she sleeps, but she often doesn’t sleep for that long”

We love how you get Willow involved in your workouts!

I try to get my 28-minute workout done when she sleeps, but she often doesn’t sleep for that long – she’s a power napper!

Getting her involved, rolling around on the floor and having a laugh while using her as resistance makes it fun.

How does Sam motivate you 
and your fitness goals?

He seems to know when I need 
a bit of a kick in the butt, but also when I need a hug.

I tend to be someone who overthinks and talks about my intentions a lot, and when he hears me doing this he gives me the little nudge that I need!

Willow takes over our shoot

Isn’t she darling?

Her hilarious views on lunges…

Is he stepping up 
his diet and exercise game in the 
run-up to the wedding, too?

He tends to look after himself all year round. But I’m sure in the last month he’ll step 
it up a notch.

What does a day on your plate look like?

First things first: coffee! Then it’s usually a smoothie for breakfast.

Lunch is a salad 
or stir-fry, but with the cold weather I’m loving soups.

Dinner is typically a team decision, between Sam, Eve and myself.

Can you give us any teasers about the wedding?

All I’m going to say is that organisation is in full swing and I can’t wait to walk 
down the aisle!

Getting her involved makes it fun.

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Snez always starts her day with a coffee!

The Bachelor beauty loves using all her body in her workouts.

“I’m feeling fitter and stronger every day.”

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