The moment Sally Obermeder’s surrogate gives birth will have you crying tears of joy

“It’s an odd scenario, but it’s a beautifully odd scenario.”
Sally Obermeder

Opening up to to Sunday Night, TV presenter Sally Obermeder recalled the very emotional birth of her second child, Elyssa Rose, who she welcomed via a surrogate in December.

Thinking back to the moment she held her newborn baby girl for the first time, just moments after her birth, Sally says: “I was like, I don’t know how to channel all this love and all this emotion and all this gratitude. You feel like you’re going to erupt.

“I felt like I was going to explode.”

The moment the two mums come together for Baby Elyssa’s birth will have you in tears.

The tell-all program followed the 43-year-old, her husband Marcus and their first daughter Annabelle through the US on their journey to becoming a family of four.

Their selfless surrogate mother, Rachel, also speaks out in the program, saying that despite critics, the chance to help the Obermeders complete their family was “priceless”.

“It does bring up a lot of questions, like, ‘How are you able to give the baby away?’ And truly, it’s not my baby. I’m just babysitting for 10 months,” she says.

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In 2011, while Sally was pregnant with her first child, the TV journalist discovered a lump the size of a tennis ball in her breast and was subsequently diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer.

After giving birth to her little girl, the TV personality endured 16 rounds of chemotherapy and was eventually given the all clear exactly one year from her first life-changing diagnosis.

Despite the illness resulting in Sally being told another natural pregnancy could cost her life, Sally has always wanted a large family.

“I acknowledge that I’m extremely lucky to have one child… But the yearning and desire to be a mum again is so strong and it has not passed,” The Daily Edition host previously said.

“Before I was sick I always pictured I would have two or three children, if I was lucky enough, and I still want that for Annabelle.”

“There was so many people involved that is just seemed like there was more joy – like the joy was multiplied. It was something very special,” says dad Marcus.

Thanks to her previous IVF treatment, Sally had four embryos remaining. All she needed was someone to carry them.

Like most Australian states, Sally and Marcus’ home in New South Wales has strict laws on surrogacy, making it illegal to offer financial compensation to someone willing to carry your child.

But if you cross our shores, all the way to the United States of America, it is a very different story.

The family decided to try their chances there, and thanks to Dr Kim Bergman, Sally and Marcus met Rachel, who has carried their second child.

The Wisconsin native, who is a mum to three girls, had been a surrogate once and wanted to do it again making Sally and Marcus’ dreams come true.

What a truly touching story.

See the moment Sally meets her surrogate in the video player below.

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