Danielle Spencer’s gushy Instagram tribute to her ex Russell Crowe ignites rumours the couple will rekindle their romance!

A message of love from his ex has the star pining for a second chance.
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They’re the words Russell Crowe has pined for ever since he begrudgingly gave his wife Danielle Spencer a divorce – she wants him back.

That’s what Woman’s Day’s sources are saying, after Danielle posted a stunning series of pictures to Instagram recently, depicting the time they fell in love.

In the images, Danielle, 51, is seen staring into Russell’s eyes and lounging on set together as they filmed 1990’s The Crossing.

Now, 30 years later, Danielle and Russell have been separated for seven years and divorced for two – and those close to the 56-year-old Gladiator star say he’s never lost hope she would one day come back to him.

Danielle posted this throwback photo of herself and Russell on Instagram, igniting rumours the pair are getting back together.

(Image: Instagram)

Danielle posted this pic of her and Russell gazing into each other’s eyes.

(Image: Instagram)

“Russ is still deeply in love with Danielle and his heart soared when she posted those images last week, even though her reasoning

behind them was to mark a sad occasion of the loss of a mutual friend,” says a source.

Danielle captioned the images: “The beautiful and talented soul George Ogilvie passed away recently. He directed me

in a movie called The Crossing and introduced me to [Russell Crowe], the man I would eventually marry and have two children with”.

“Russell is hoping her trip down memory lane reminded Danielle how amazing they are together when things are good,” says an insider.

The former couple pictures at the 2002 Golden Globes.

(Image: Getty)

Attending a film premiere in Sydney in their glory days.

(Image: Getty)

And luckily for Russell, a source close to Danielle says that’s exactly what’s happened – despite the fact she’s been in a relationship with crime author Adam Long since 2016.

“Examining her past while she was grieving a friend was an interesting time for Danielle,” says the insider.

“She realised she has never stopped loving Russell, it’s just that the way she loves him has changed. He gave her two gorgeous sons [Charlie, 16, and Tennyson, 13]. No man will ever be able to top that for her, even Adam who she also loves dearly.

“Danielle wears her heart on her sleeve, so I’m sure she would have confessed all of this to Russell.”

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Russell pictured in 2010 with his Danielle and their sons Tennyson Spencer Crowe and Charles Spencer Crowe.

(Image: Getty)

“There is nothing cooler than being that close to your kids,” Russell has previously said about his sons.

(Image: Getty)

Actor Russell Crowe carries his son Tennyson Crowe at the Robin Hood photo call in 2010.

Russell and Danielle’s divorce was at first amicable, but he revealed how devastated he was at losing her by holding a widely publicised “The Art of Divorce auction” in 2018 to sell off all the things that meant something to them as a couple, which he held on his birthday, wedding anniversary and official marriage split date.

The Oscar winner made $3.7 million from selling a family car and piles of his own movie costumes – including his Cinderella Man jockstrap.

Back then, they only had eyes for each other.

(Image: Getty)

The source close to Russell – who is isolating at his Nana Glen property outside of Coffs Harbour – says he’s now filled with fantasies that they’ll get back together.

“Russell has never quite gotten over the split and would take her back in a heartbeat – that’s why he’s been hanging out in Australia a lot more lately rather than his place in the States, in the hope she might reconsider her feelings,” says our insider.

“He feels like that might finally be happening, though friends of Danielle’s aren’t too convinced. She’s content to care for him for the rest of her life, but she’s not sure if she’d ever get back together with him.

“Russ says the fact that she hasn’t said ‘absolutely not’ is all the encouragement he needs to keep up hope.”

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