Richard Wilkins shares gorgeous first photo of his brand new granddaughter

Less than a week old and already looking right at home in Granddad's arms.
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Richard Wilkins has had plenty to celebrate as 2021 kicks off as his daughter Rebecca has welcomed a second child.

The TV and radio presenter announced his latest grandchild with a gorgeous picture proving granddad duties are well underway.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Richard shared a gorgeous candid picture of himself and the new baby girl, Abigail Rose Wilkins Bateman.

“What a joy to meet my brand new granddaughter,” he wrote, adding her date of birth on the 21st of January.

“How perfect! Congratulations Bec, James and big sister Bella,” the caption ended.

Rather aptly, he added the hashtag: “#granddaddypapabear”.

Richard added this gorgeous photo of himself and his new granddaughter.


His post was met with hundreds of well wishers who were thrilled to see Richard doting over the new family addition.

Fellow TV host Melissa Doyle wrote: “Congratulations! 😍”, while Nine News’ Jayne Azzopardi wrote: “What a beautiful photo!!! Congratulations granddaddy papa bear!!!”

Wilkins’ fans also shared their joy over the photo.

“Divine,” one accurately pointed out.

“What a beautiful photo! Congratulations,” said another.

Richard (pictured here with his three sons) is a family man through and through.


Wilkins is a family man through and through, with his three other sons being front and centre throughout his life.

In August last year, Wilkins and his youngest son Christian opened up to The Weekly about their unique family dynamic.

“We’re all just each other’s siblings and we love being in each other’s lives,” Christian said of his half siblings.

“I never came out traditionally to my parents; I never said it as I never felt any need to. But my siblings were always so supportive of my sexuality. And because of that, it allowed me to feel able to be completely me.”

Richard reflected the feat, gushing about his children.

“I’ve got five kids and I love them to bits. I’m enormously proud of each of them and supportive, protective and, hopefully, loving. I’m being the best father that I know how to be. And I’m certainly a much better dad now than I was when my first child was born,” he said.

Richard and son Christian are thick as thieves.

(Photography by Julie Adams. Styling by Dale McKie.)

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