EXCLUSIVE: “I feel complete now…” Life, love and raising two adorable kids with Rachael Finch

“Having children has completely changed my life for the better. I have become more compassionate, patient, mature, confident and happy.”
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If there’s one thing we’re certain about, it’s that Rachael Finch is a breath of fresh air. She shows up to our exclusive photoshoot wrangling two (albeit gorgeous) children – Violet, 4, and [one-year-old Dominic – and all with the not only ease, but that quintessential ‘Finchy’ chill about her.

Indeed, it’s this cool, calm and collected way of life that Rachael strives to uphold, day in and day out of her always-busy life.

“I take it day by day and practise being ‘present’ as often as possible,” the MYER ambassador tells us exclusively.

“We are so accustomed to running from task to task, day to day. We forget to stop, breathe, smell the roses and just ‘be’.”

“This has been my saving grace, in addition to daily movement and healthy, nourishing food. It’s really the reason I created my online health and fitness program, – a place for busy mums to come to get healthy and fit, and find motivation again.”

Here, Rach, 30, opens up about everyday life with her adorable family, the challenges of being a mother and the advice she wants ALL parents to heed this Mother’s Day.

What do you love most about being a mum?

“Seeing Violet and Dominic happy and healthy. I love watching them grow and experience all their ‘firsts’ in life. Dom is days away from walking so that’s pretty exciting for us.”

“Having children has completely changed my life for the better. I have become more compassionate, patient, mature, confident and happy.”

“I feel complete now.”

What’s the most challenging part about being a parent?

“Not being there for them all the time and missing special moments. Every time I need to leave the house without them, it kills me, but I need to always remind myself of the reason why.”

“I am working hard and doing my best so that they can have a positive future, and hopefully learn the importance of hard work and sacrifice.”

Is Dom or Violet more like you?

“Dom is definitely more like me and Violet is more like Misha. Dom is a lot more relaxed and carefree; he goes with the flow and sleeps a lot!”

“Violet is a light sleeper, is very creative and airy. She thinks up funny and whimsical stories but chops and changes a lot.”

What’s your best advice to all mums?

“Go with your gut and always trust your own advice. No-one knows you and your children better than you.”

“If you want 1000 different opinions, then ask 1000 different people. Everyone has their own story and experiences but the only one that matters is yours.”

“Listen to your body and be kind to yourself. When you’re feeling exhausted or stressed, try to make some time to nourish your body and mind with something that makes you happy.”

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