Patti Newton’s cute new photo of “darling” granddaughter Perla

''Growing up so fast.''
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Aussie showbiz legends Patti and Bert Newton absolutely love being grandparents, regularly doting on their five gorgeous grandchildren.

The couple’s daughter Lauren, 40, has five children with her former Olympic swimmer husband Matt Welsh – son Sam, 11, daughters Eva, nine, and Lola, six, son Monty, two, and daughter Perla, one, with a sixth child on the way later this year.

Patti, 75, and Bert, 81, frequently upload photos of their adorable grandkids on social media, often alongside lovely messages dedicated to the little ones.

And now Patti has shared a new photo of her youngest grandchild, Perla, alongside a sweet message.

“I could just eat this darling Perla. Growing up so fast,” Patti captioned this close-up snap she posted of Perla’s cute face this week.

Ready for your close-up, Perla?

(Image: Instagram)

Lauren has previously revealed that her parents live just “30 seconds” away from her and Matt in Melbourne’s Hawthorn, so the doting grandparents frequently come over to help out with the kids.

“I can’t stop them!” Lauren said of her very-attentive Mum and Dad, during an interview with Now To Love last year.

“We live very close by and she helps me out. We were always together even before kids. We would do things everyday and it’s no different with the kids.

“There would be something wrong if a few days went by and they hadn’t seen Nanny and Poppy.”

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Patti and Perla pictured when she was just a tiny baby.

(Image: Instagram)

Bert and Patti holding Perla at her christening.

(Image: Instagram)

And if you’re wondering how on earth she manages to wrangle five children, who were all born via cesarean, Lauren says she and Matt have slowly “added one at a time”.

“Going from four to five actually wasn’t the biggest change, really. That was probably going from one to two. We had our first and second close together – they’re 16 months apart – and the others have all slotted in,” Lauren said.

Lauren says husband Matt is “really hands on” with the kids, pulling more than his fair share of household duties at home.

“I don’t think I could do it if I didn’t have his help,” she said said.

“The older kids are very sporty and into swimming. I don’t have to do much with the swimming. He coaches them and takes them to early morning classes, but I’m lucky I’ve got great parental help.”

The entire Newton-Welsh family pictured at Perla’s christening last year.

(Image: Instagram)

While the assistance is clearly appreciated by Lauren, it seems it’s far from a chore for her father Bert, who relishes his role as a grandfather.

In fact, he’s previously revealed he’s happiest when spending time with his grandchildren.

“They wouldn’t realise it at the moment, but they have made this one of the happiest times of my life,” Bert told the Herald Sun.

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