The downfall of the name Sophia and the other baby name trends we saw in 2019

From #1 to #9, Sophia really fell off the perch this year.
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Pregnancy comes with a lot of challenges, perhaps none more so than the fact that once it’s over you have the huge commitment of naming your baby to decide upon. It’s a lot of pressure.

When it comes to naming our babies, according to Baby Centre who have just released their annual lists of the most popular name choices for 2019, we Aussies are a picky bunch.

“This year’s list reflects how fickle Australian parents can be in their choices,” they reported.

A fact proven by the dramatic drop in last year’s global favourite for girls, Sophia which has literally plummeted down the ranks to number nine on this year’s list.

As with every year, Baby Centre collected data from the names that parents visiting their site had registered as their top baby name picks, and created list of the Top 100 choices for both boys and girls.

Sophia wasn’t the only girl’s name to fall out of favour with Aussie parents. Alexis and Thea, which were super popular in 2018 really took a hit in 2019 and last year’s cutesie faves, Indiana and Billie proved to be way less popular this year with Australian parents.

So what girl’s names were we actually liking then? Well it was the super-sweet Amelia that took the crown, with Isla moving back up the charts to play second fiddle after a drop last year. Mia, which has been hovering around the top for a while now slipped back out of the top five, and Zoe looks to be coming back into fashion after a brief absence from the top 10.

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As for the boys, there was a shakeup on their list too, but not at the top. Oliver has kept his crown for an incredible eighth year in a row!

The rest of list proved that names beginning with L were in vogue, with the lion name Leo finally cracking the top five, and a return for Lucas who made it back in following a two-year absence. Luca also made a debut in the top 10 this year.

Jackson slipped right out of the top 10, and William no longer sits in the top 5.

Baby Centre is right, we are a fickle bunch!

We’ve taken a good look at the top 40 names and their meanings in the gallery below. Did yours make the cut?

40 of the most popular baby names of 2019

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Amelia: With Latin origins, Amelia means ‘work’ or worker’.

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Isla: With origins in Spain and Scotland, Isla essentially comes from the word ‘island’.

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Charlotte: With both English and French origins, Charlotte means ‘free’.

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Ava: This popular name has Latin origins and is thought to mean ‘life’ or ‘bird’.

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Olivia: A beautiful name of English origins which is thought to mean ‘ancestor’s descendant’.

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Mia: A Scandanavian name which comes from the name ‘Maria’ which has Latin origins meaning ‘mine’ or ‘wished for child’.

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Lily: Taking a botanical name from the flower, Lily has English origins.

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Willow: A gorgeous nature name, Willow has English origins and comes from the ‘Willow Tree’.

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Sophia: A feminine name with Greek origins meaning ‘wisdom’.

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Zoe: With origins in Greece, Zoe essentially means ‘life’.

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Evie: Of Latin, Hebrew, and Norman origin, the meaning of Evie is ‘life’.

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Ivy: Taken from the climbing vineplant , Ivy is of English origins.

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Harper: With origins in England, the meaning of the name Harper is ‘harpist’ or ‘minstrel’.

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Ella: This cute name has English origins and means ‘elfin’ or ‘fairy maiden’.

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Ruby: Derived from the gorgeous red gemstone, Ruby is a name of English origin.

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Isabella: This popular Hebrew name means ‘God is my oath’.

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Layla This Arabic origin name means ‘intoxication’.

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Isabelle: With English origins, Isabelle is said to mean ‘My God is bountiful’.

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Matilda: It might feel very Australian, but the name Matilda is of German origin meaning ‘battle-mighty’.

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Chloe: From the Greek ‘Khloe,’ the name Chloe is said to represent Demeter, the fertility goddess.

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Oliver: A name of English origins which is thought to mean ‘ancestor’s descendant’.

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Noah: This Hebrew name means ‘rest’ and ‘comfort’.

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Leo: Leo has Latin origins meaning ‘Lion’ and it was the name of many early Christian saints and several popes.

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Lucas: Hebrew in origin which means ‘bringer of light’ or ‘morning’.

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Jack: A derivative of John with English origins meaning ‘God is gracious’.

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Charlie: The name Charlie means ‘free man’ and has origins in England.

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William: With English origins, the name William means ‘resolute protector’.

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Henry: An English name of Germanic origin meaning ‘house owner’ or ‘lord of the manor’.

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Luca: An Italian variation of the names Lucius and Luke meaning ‘bringer of light’ or ‘man from Lucania’.

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Thomas: With Greek origins, Thomas means ‘a twin’.

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Jackson: A strong English name meaning literally ‘son of Jack’.

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Liam: An Irish name, Liam comes from the name ‘William’.

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Mason: An old French word or Germanic origin which is though to mean ‘maker’ or ‘a person who works with stone’.

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Max: The name Max means ‘greatest’ and is of Latin origin.

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Elijah: A Hebrew name meaning ‘Jehovah is God’.

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Harrison: An American name meaning ‘son of Harry’.

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Hunter: A name with American origins meaning ‘huntsman’ or ‘one who hunts’.

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Hudson: A name with English origins meaning ‘son of Hudd’.

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Ethan: The name Ethan means ‘firm’ or ‘strong’ and is of Hebrew origin.

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James: The name James means ‘supplanter’ and is of Hebrew origin.

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