EXCLUSIVE: Inside Miranda Kerr’s very healthy life in lockdown with husband Evan Spiegel, their two kids and full time live-in nanny

12-hour work days, celery juice every morning and Zoom calls in the playroom.
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It’s just after 3pm in Los Angeles when Miranda Kerr calls Now To Love from her $16 million Brentwood mansion, the home she shares with her husband Evan Spiegel, the 30-year-old CEO of Snap Inc, and the couple’s two children, Hart, two, Myles, nine months, and nine-year-old son Flynn, whom she shares with ex-husband Orlando Bloom.

Both Evan, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, and Miranda, whose 10-year-old beauty brand Kora Organics has helped earned her an estimated net worth of $52 million, according to the AFR, have been running their respective global businesses entirely from home since March.

Evan pulls long 12-hour days from his home office, while Miranda schedules her Zoom meetings around her children’s napping schedules.

“When the kids have their naps, I make sure I book in my meetings. When they are napping, I’m trying to get as much work done as possible,” the 37-year-old tells Now To Love.

“But sometimes I’ll be in a meeting and have the kids all over me.”

Her eldest son Flynn has taken over Miranda’s own home study.

“Flynn has taken over my office space for schooling. I was using the kids’ playroom, which is funny, but it works,” she laughs.

“The kids know I’m able to continue to run my business from home and take care of them at the same time.”

The family’s nanny has also moved back in, following a short break at the beginning of lockdown.

“When we first went into lockdown, my Mum was here, thank God,” Miranda revealed, when asked about what help she and Evan have at home.

“My nanny said to us after a couple of months, ‘I’m missing being there and the kids … I’m happy to do whatever tests I need to do and quarantine’. So she did that and she came back and she’s living with us now.

“She still does her five days a week and she has the weekends off. So it’s just us on the weekends. With three kids, it’s a lot. You need the help.”

Evan and Miranda first met in 2014 at a work dinner in Los Angeles.

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The couple became engaged in 2015 and were married in 2016 – but didn’t have sex before marriage. “My partner is very traditional,” Miranda explained. “We can’t … I mean we’re just … waiting.”

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For Evan, one happy side effect of working from home has been skipping his daily 30-minute commute from Brentwood to Snap Inc’s headquarters in Santa Monica.

“Even before this situation, he was up every morning at 5.30am and in his office at 6.30am. Now he’s up at 5.30am and in his office at 6am. It’s the same, just without the travel,” Miranda explains.

“He’s been like that since the first day I met him six years ago. He’s consistently been up early in the office. He loves what he does.”

She added: “Before COVID-19, he would be home by 6.30pm, maybe sometimes 7pm, then he’d have something to eat, have a shower, go to bed, do it all again the next day. Now, it’s the same, except he’s finished at 6.30pm and he’s actually home.”

Miranda keeping cosy at home in her Malibu cottage.

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“Oh, he’s cute,” Miranda told US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel in 2018 of her first impressions of Evan.

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The couple rarely post couple snaps on social media – and never upload photos of their kids.

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Life in lockdown and the temporary closure of cafes and restaurants inspired a lovely return to home cooking around the world – a habit Miranda has been fond of for years. She famously spent her wedding day cooking a roast chicken for Evan, because she wanted the first meal he ate as a married man to be one his new wife had cooked herself.

“I’ve always enjoyed cooking and I love finding new recipes,” Miranda says.

She mostly sticks to a organic diet and says her new go-to cookbook is Cleanse To Heal by Anthony William, the self-described Medical Medium. Her favourite recipes include aloe vera slushies, sweet potato “tater tots”, vegetable broths and soups and zucchini stir fries with cauliflower rice.

“I’m making lots of fresh organic veggies and grilling some vegetables, making stir fries and salads,” she says.

“I’m trying to eat super healthy at the moment and I’ve been really into cooking that way. Then I can add something else for the kids or for Evan.

“For instance, if I’m just having soup and salad and tater tots, then I can add some salmon or chicken for them, or rice or avocado.”

Miranda’s breakfast – a glass of celery juice and porridge.

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Miranda’s go-to green smoothie.

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Miranda drinks a glass of celery juice every morning – as do her children.

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Miranda is an ambassador for Biostime Nutrition and says she regularly adds the brand’s SN-2 BIO PLUS premium organic toddler milk drink into a breakfast smoothie for Hart.

“I put that in the blender with spinach, blueberries and sometimes a little frozen pineapple. That way, he doesn’t even realise he’s getting all of that goodness.”

And she revealed that the entire family start their days with a glass of celery juice, a practice Miranda has previously said “really helps my digestion, brain-fog and energy levels.”

“We all have celery juice in the morning,” Miranda tells Now To Love.

“It’s interesting, because at first I was like ‘Really, would that make such a difference?’ But Hart, my nine-month-old drinks it, Myles my two-year-old drinks it, Flynn drinks it and so does Evan and myself.”

According to the Dietitians Association of Australia, while there is no harm in drinking celery juice everyday and its slight diuretic effect can reduce bloating and water retention, there is little scientific evidence to support many of its claimed health benefits.

WATCH BELOW: Miranda Kerr talks about the moment she met husband Evan Spiegel. Story continues after video.

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As California’s stay-at-home order was lifted last month and lockdown rules began to ease, it seemed as though life in the sunshine state would start to return to normal.

But a second wave of coronavirus cases means the continued closure of venues including indoor restaurants and bars, movie theatres and museums for the next few weeks.

Most offices remain closed and LA residents continue to work from home, where possible.

For Evan and Miranda, it could be a while before they emerge out of their cosy Brentwood bubble and return to life in the real world.

Miranda says that just means there’s more time for “playing with Play-Doh and going for walks outside” with her kids.

“I love it, it’s amazing being a mother,” she says.

“It’s the best and most rewarding thing for me.”

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