Megan Gale is celebrating her post-baby body in the most beautiful way

Because, in case anyone needed reminding, carrying a child for nine months is kind of a big deal…
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In September, Megan Gale gave birth to her second baby with her AFL partner Shaun Hampson, and, soon after the birth, she shared the adorable first snaps of sweet little May on Instagram.

Soon after, she shared another snap – this time, of her and Shaun doing what most parents we’re sure would love to do: grab a quick bite to eat while their kids are with their grandparent. (And, annoyingly, got majorly mum-shamed for it. Ugh.)

Well, this week, Megan has taken to Instagram once again to share more parenting truths and realities – and we’ve got one word for it: refreshing.

Letting us (AKA only one of her 403K Instagram followers) in on what appears to be an island babymoon, Megan has shared a picture of her looking cool, calm and collected in her bikini by the pool.

If you like closely, you can see a faint line both above and below her belly button. Of the line, she conceded, “I’m a bit sad my linea nigra (Latin for black line) on my tummy is almost gone.

“I love this little badge of honour as it’s one of my last little physical reminders of my pregnancy with Rosie.”

“I LOVE that she’s out and with us but I’m missing being pregnant as well.”

Super-chill Megan uploaded this poolside selfie all the way from her Fijian vacation.

Model mum Megan can’t get enough of motherhood; her Instagram feed is a moving collection of pictures that prove just how much she loves family life.

On November 8, Megan posted the sweetest tribute to then-six-week-old May…

“Baby girl you are such a special little soul already teaching us so much and providing so much joy,” she began.

“We’re getting our first smiles from you too and they are just SO precious!”

“It’s been an action-packed six weeks and boy, life has become a helluva lot busier but life has also become so much better and fulfilling since you arrived.”

“Loving you more and more with every passing day my girl.”

We’re officially feeling the love!

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