Lara and Sam Worthington FINALLY reveal their second bub’s adorable name

Five months after giving birth, Rocket Zot’s little brother’s moniker is officially out.
Lara Bingle

It seems the Worthingtons are a fan of all things ‘R’ as their second baby’s name is revealed to follow in the footsteps of his big brother Rocket.

In a new interview with Harper’s BAZAAR, set to hit newsstands on Monday, Lara will reveal her newest addition’s name to be……. (drumroll)……. Racer!

Perhaps like the Kardashians, whose girls’ names all start with a ‘K’, using names beginning with ‘R’ will continue as a running theme for any future children the couple plan to have. And they sure do have a desire to extend their brood.

Speaking candidly to Today Extra, the Aussie model revealed her hopes to grow her family with her high-profile husband.

“I would love to have more children, definitely,” Lara said to the hosts when asked about her plans for more babies in the future.

Lara and Sam welcomed little Rocket Zot in March 2015.

In fact, the founder of The Base makeup and skincare line has previously revealed on the Kyle and Jackie O show that she wouldn’t mind having four kids, “sooner rather than later”!

“The more the merrier!” she said to the radio duo. “I have one brother and Sam has one sister so I think I want, like, a bigger family!

“Sam’s sister has three kids, which I just love and it’s just like a big family, you’re like a big team, she gushed. “It’s awesome!”

Lara and Sam, who are notoriously private when it comes to their family life, waited five months before revealling Racer’s moniker.

Speaking to InStyle about how her family will change with the arrival of little Racer, Lara mused: “I had a great pregnancy with Rocket and touch wood it will be the same this time.”

“I’m sure it might seem full-on at the beginning,” she said of having two children so close together in age.

“It’s probably a lot harder than it is now, but when they get older they can share a life together,” she gushed.

Check out the gallery below for more of Hollywood’s most unique baby names!

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