Karl Stefanovic gushes about his pregnant wife Jasmine Yarbrough: “She’s glowing!”

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Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough’s journey to love hasn’t always been easy, but it seems now the couple are truly settling into their newfound roles as parents-to-be, with a little baby Stefanovic set to arrive in just a few months time.

Karl, 45, who returned to his role as Today Show host alongside Allison Langdon earlier this month, opened up about his second wife Jasmine, 35, in a new interview where he spoke publicly about her pregnancy for the first time.

Speaking to The Kyle and Jackie O Show on KIIS FM on Thursday morning, Karl said the couple are able to lead more of a normal life now that some of the intense interest in their relationship has died down.

Karl and Jasmine got together in 2016, just months after he split from his wife of 21 years and the mother of his three children, Cassandra Thorburn.

“We’re glad that some of the heat has died out of the whole thing and we sort of lead a more normal life than we did before,” he told hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O.

Jasmine and Karl looking glam at a friend’s wedding recently.


And he also gushed about his gorgeous wife, revealing that she has taken to pregnancy like a duck to water.

“She is glowing, she’s happy and we’re all very happy,” Karl said.

Karl explained the couple are choosing not to find out the sex of their child until the birth.

“We have very few surprises in this life, and there’s been so much of us that is public. (During) the whole thing, we’ve been trying to hold on to ours,” he said.

Karl added: “I think pregnancy is one of those things that is really boring!”

“She is glowing, she’s happy and we’re all very happy.”


While speculation was building for months at the end of 2019 that Jasmine was pregnant, the pair chose not to make an official pregnancy announcement – and Jasmine is yet to publicly confirm the news herself.

But it was a post Karl made on his own account that put the rumours to bed and confirmed the news that the couple were expecting a child.

Captioning a paparazzi photo of himself looking a tad more rotund than usual, Karl said: “After a great deal of speculation…the rumours are true.”

Karl addressed his weight gain head-on during an interview with Fitzy and Wippa on Nova 96.9 this week.

“I’ve put on a bit of pudge and I’m liking it,” he told the hosts.

He added: “I am looking bloody good hey!”

This week, Karl also opened up about the “genuinely black times” he faced while going through his very public divorce a few years ago.

“Personally, it was a bit hard because I thought a lot of people do go through relationship difficulties and, unfortunately, for me that was in a very public way, but that’s what happens when you’re a public person,” told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“But I thought, ‘Well hang on, a lot of people go through this, and why is mine such a big deal?’ I still don’t know why it was.

“I got divorced, I did find love again, and I’m sorry if people are offended by that, but it’s made me really happy.”

WATCH BELOW: Karl shares an intimate video from inside his wedding to Jasmine. Story continues after video.

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After losing his job at Today and taking some time away from the spotlight, Karl told Mitchell that he went through some “genuinely black times”.

“Look, my life hasn’t been that difficult, and I think there are people out there who have far worse going on … so I’m not going to rabbit on about how difficult my life was,” he said.

“But there was certainly periods where I thought, ‘Oh my god, all I’ve ever done is really work hard and try and do the best I could for a show or network’. And then I thought, ‘Well, hang on a second, how have I got it so wrong?'”

Karl has three children with his ex-wife Cass – Jackson, 20, Ava, 14, and River, 13 – and underwent a vasectomy reversal in order to father his fourth child.

Karl and Jasmine sharing a laugh with a friend at the Australian Open in Melbourne this week.


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