Jason Momoa’s and Lisa Bonet’s love story in pictures

If someone says something isn't possible, I'm like, 'Listen here, I married Lisa Bonet,'
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Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are the bohemian celebrity couple that make us want to get to the gym, dreadlock our hair and make beautiful, wildling babies together.

They’re the genetically blessed pair who shout their love from the rooftops and we can not get enough!

40-year-old Aquaman star, Momoa and his “”hot smokin’ wife”, 52-year-old Cosby-kid, Bonet have built a 13-year relationship, including two kids — daughter, 12-year-old Lola Iolani and son, 10-year-old Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha, as well as Bonet’s daughter, 31-year-old Zoe Kravitz from her previous relationship with rocker, Lenny Kravitz.

The loved-up pair tied the knot in October 2017 in a romantic and intimate ceremony at their home amongst their nearest and dearest.

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Individually, they’re the subject of many a person’s ‘celebrity leave pass’ options, and together they’ve created a family unit that is the envy of many, with Momoa sharing a particularly close relationship with his step-daughter. He and Zoe even sport matching tattoos!

Jason Momoa and step-daughter, Zoe Kravitz share a beautiful bond.

(Image: Instagram/zoeisabellakravitz)

In an interview with James Corden on the Late Late Show, the former Baywatch star admitted that he first developed a crush on his beautiful wife when he was just eight and she was a 20-year-old actress and starring on the Cosby Show as Denise Huxtable.

“I was like, ‘Mommy, I want that one,'” he told Corden. “I’m like, ‘I’m going to stalk you for the rest of my life and I’m going to get you.”

“I’m a full-fledged stalker,” Momoa joked. “I didn’t tell her that until we had two babies, otherwise, I’d be creepy and weird. But yeah, [I’d] just always wanted to meet her. She was a queen, always.”

“My dad and my step-dad get along really well, and my dad loves and is close with my [step]brother and sister. It’s really beautiful,” Zoë Kravtiz told Ocean Drive in 2015. “As long as everyone can be in the same room together, and have love for each other, it’s totally healthy.”

(Image: Instagram/PrideOfGypsies)

The pair did finally meet through mutual friends at a jazz club in New York City in 2005, and all of Momoa’s childhood dreams came true.

“We just happened to be in the right place at the right time,” he told James Corden about that fateful meeting. “I actually had dreaded my hair for her. I had dreadlocks, she had dreadlocks. I literally turned around and I see her and she goes, ‘I’m Lisa.’ I turned around to my friend and I [pretended to scream]. I had f***ing fireworks going off inside, man. I convinced her to take me home, because I was living in a hotel.”

But it was later when Bonet ordered Momoa’s favourite drink that their fate was sealed.

“We sat down, she ordered a Guinness, and that was it,” he said. “I beyond love Guinness. We had Guinness and grits, and the rest is history.”

This beautiful family, whose core strength seems to be the unconditional love they all share is a joy to watch. You can see some of their best moments in the gallery below.

Jason Mamoa and wife, Lisa Bonet’s love story in pictures

(Image: Instagram/PrideOfGypsies)

Jason and Lisa bike

Speaking about her relationship during aan intervew with People, Bonet said: “Having a mate has given me that feeling of safety.”

(Image: Instagram/PrideOfGypsies)

Momoa, Bonet and family

Momoa summed up how lucky he feels in an interview with Esquire with: “If someone says something isn’t possible, I’m like, ‘Listen here, I married Lisa Bonet!'”

(Image: Instagram/PrideOfGypsies)

Momoa, Bonet and Family

When it comes to proteting his family, Momoa is famously quoted as saying: “I’m a father, I’m a son, I’m a grandson, and I’m a husband. If someone were to hurt the women in my life and the law didn’t take care of it, what would I do? Pretty awful things.”

(Image: Instagram/PrideOfGypsies)

Lisa Surprises Jason on set of Aquaman

“I have never been so surprised in my life. 38 is the greatest to date,” writes Momoa after Bonet and their kids flew in to Australia to surprise him on set of Aquaman.

(Image: Instagram/lisa.bonet)

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

For 39-year-old Momoa and 51-year-old Bonet, age is no obstacle for the true connection they share.

(Image: Instagram/PrideOfGypsies)

Jason Momoa and kids

Mini-mes! Momoa’s social media is full of fun images of his family spending time on his sets.

(Image: Instagram/lisa.bonet)

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa

Momoa told James Corden that he first fell in love with wife, Lisa Bonet when he was just eight-years-old and she was a 20-year-old actress playing Denis Huxtable on The Cosby Show.

(Image: Instagram/PrideOfGypsies)

Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa and Family

Everything about this family is cool, right? Here they are at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert!

(Images: Instagram PrideOfGypsies and zoeisabellakravitz)

Jason Momoa Zoe Kravitz matching tattoos

Momoa shares a particularly close relationship with his step-daughter, Zoe. The pair even sport matching tattoos which read “etre toujours ivre,” roughly translated to “be always drunk.”

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