Five practical tips to help you become an intuitive parent

With the popularity of meditation, never before has being an intuitive parent been so possible.
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By Craigh Wilson.

Today’s fast pace technology-based world provides you endless insights, tools and benefits for better parenting, yet your mobile phone, email and especially social media, equally overwhelms and distracts you constantly.

Taking some time out for you to de-stress (even a few moments) clears your energy, mind and emotions allowing you to make better intuitive parenting decisions.

Intuition is about really connecting to yourself. It’s deep feeling in your heart and your gut that something feels right or wrong.

It will be a gentle whisper at first, however as you use it more it will become ever stronger.

Taking time to develop your intuition, particularly around parenting, will bring clarity and self confidence in the decisions you make day to day.

The five step process outlined below will help you become an intuitive parent.

Craigh Wilson is an experienced intuitive with over 30 years’ experience and the author of best selling book, Intuitive.

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5 practical tips to help you become an intuitive parent

1. Accept where you are and your children are at right now

Harvard Medical school tell us that ‘stress puts the body and the mind on edge. It floods the body with stress hormones. The heart pounds. Muscles tense. Breathing quickens. The stomach churns.’ Anxiety, stress and overwhelm today, is the major road block to living a fulfilling life, relationships, family, career or business.

The more frequently you can listen to your intuition the better. Children are masters at reading your energy. If you are being honest with yourself and most importantly with them, they will feel it instantly. Your children will not only sense your honesty and congruency, they will begin to revere and respect it.

Children are masters at reading your energy.

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2. Clarity around what you really want for your children

Clarity is paramount to making better parenting decisions. Now is the time to take some time out just for you.

Take a few moments, minutes or even more. Sit quietly or lay down. Begin by letting all your thoughts surface. Positive, negative and neutral. Now use your minds eye to scan your body from head to toe. Gently give permission for all of your emotions to present themselves. Again, Positive, negative and neutral.

Follow these steps and then take a few deep breaths to really let go. Take a moment and visualise your thoughts and let go of all your emotions, good or bad gently into the earth.

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3. It’s really time to start loving yourself like you love your children

You can’t love your children if you don’t love yourself. It’s time for self love.

Who do you love the most in your life? In most cases our children. Imagine your child who you love unconditionally. Remember them at birth or other joyful times. Now breath love into your heart for yourself. The more self love, the more love you can have for your children.

Making more choices based from self love, instead of fear, will create better intuitive parenting outcomes.

4. Make your parenting choices and be proud of them

Now you have cleared your mind, emotions and are in your heart, it is time to make your parenting decision.

Start by feeling your heart, does it feel best to speak to your daughter about not finishing her homework tonight or tomorrow morning before school? Or should you reconnect with your son before you make sure he tidies his room before he goes skateboarding with his friends?

After feeling your heart, feel your gut. Does your gut feel light or does it feel heavy? Trust that feeling in your heart and your gut always.

5. Trust that you have made the right decision

Congratulations. You stopped over thinking and made your decision.

It takes courage to trust your intuition. Remember, your intuition is telling you how to be the best parent you can be today. If you stay open and trust, your intuition will guide you to even better intuitive parenting decisions tomorrow.

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