IKEA wants you to pee on their ads so pass us another Swedish Meatball because we’re SPOOKED

They’re literally taking the piss...
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Sure, we know advertisements can make us do plenty of unnecessary things (think: blow our pay on a discounted coffee plunger we thought we needed, but definitely didn’t) but IKEA has taken advertising to a new, possibly (un)sanitary level…

Their latest PR stunt encourages women to pee on one of their advertisements in a bid to get a BIG discount on one of their products.

And, to be honest, it’s actually kinda cool. Allow us to digress…

As reported by I Fcking Love Science, an IKEA advertisement featured in Swedish women’s magazine Amelia is offering discounts on IKEA products if you relieve yourself on the page and discover you are pregnant.

Yes, the page features a pregnancy test. And if you take this pregnancy test and discover you are pregnant, you can receive up to 50 per cent off a crib.

In order to claim your discount, you’d have to take in the pee-covered coupon from the magazine cringes and hand it to an IKEA staffer to receive your discount.

A word of advice? Perhaps tear the ad out from the magazine before peeing on it… Just a thought.

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