Gwyneth Paltrow reveals how she embarrasses her daughter Apple plus how she “failed as a mother”

''My daughter finds me mortifying.''
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It seems as if no one, not even Oscar-winning A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow, is immune from embarrassing their teenage children.

The Goop founder, 47, shared a hilarious story that any parent of teens will be able to relate to on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, and even revealed the recent occasion where she confessed she’d “failed as a mother.”

“My daughter finds me mortifying,” Gwyneth admitted on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.

(Image: Instagram @gwynethpaltrow)

Apple, who turns 16 in May, is Gwyneth’s daughter with ex-husband Chris Martin whom she also shares 13-year-old son Moses with.

“My daughter finds me mortifying,” the Shakespeare in Love star told guest host John Legend. “If I do anything in public past not talking and standing still, she’s like [mouthing ‘Stop!’] If I dance she turns red.”

Gwyneth went on to say that her 15-year-old now has her learner’s driver’s license and drives them to school in the morning, and while the mum-of-two says that Apple is “a really good driver” and that she tries to be calm, there was an incident that Gwyneth described as the “first time I failed as a mother.”

Gwyneth shares daughter Apple and son Moses with her ex-husband, Chris Martin.

(Image: Instagram @gwynethpaltrow)

Gwyneth explained her story by saying, “She went through a red light and I kind of yelled at her and then she started crying and it was just terrible and I felt so bad.”

“So then I was like, ‘Ok, you know what, I’m just going to be chill,’ and you know what, she’s now an amazing driver and I think I’ve learned from my mistakes.”

When the All of Me singer talked about his two young children, Gwyneth offered a pearl of wisdom to the father-of-two.

“What’s funny about kids is you can see how they start to take on certain aspects of you, like I kind of have road rage in the car and she does,” before adding that despite it being futile, she still does it.

WATCH BELOW: Apple Martin has the voice of an angel on stage with dad Chris Martin. Post continues after video…

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Apple Martin is well and truly growing up and her proud dad Chris Martin also revealed that she’d landed her first (and very normal sounding) first job at a clothing store.

The Coldplay frontman was also appearing on Ellen’s show when he recounted the time he went to see her and seeing as he felt like he should buy something from the store, he took a T-shirt from the rack and lined up in the queue.

“She was at the checkout, there were two, and she saw me and went like this,” he said before mouthing “Dad! Get out!”

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