Grieving mum still buys clothes for her dead son

A mother has shared her heartbreaking story of coping with the loss of her child.

A grieving mother who lost her child nine months ago has opened up to the online parenting community and shared the heartbreaking news that she still buys her son clothes and signs him up for school clubs as a way of coping.

She took to the website Mumsnet as user LostAndCan’tBeFound to talk her about her “beautiful son” Noah James, who was nearly three when he passed away.

She wrote: “My beautiful son was taken from me and life was ever so difficult. I would like to keep this quite short, so sorry for the lack of info.”

“However, I now do stupid stuff, it’s pathetic really, but in a way, it does help.”

“I will go onto all the shops online and do a whole order of clothes, all different age groups, for little boys, I’ll purchase them and then I’ll just send them back… It’s the same with in store clothes,” she continued.

“I sign him up for clubs he’ll never go to and when it gets to the day of going, I pretend that we have found somewhere else.”

“I actually go to open days of schools and take a look around, I have been to secondary schools too. It is so

ridiculous, but I just cannot help it…”

“AIBU (am I being unreasonable) to do such a stupid thing??? I know it is stupid, but I don’t know.”

She shared the heartbreaking details to get advice from other mums.

People instantly reached out to offer their condolences and offer her support.

One wrote: “I don’t have anything to add except that I’d like to give you a hug… I’m sorry for the loss of your son.”

Another wrote: “You do whatever it is that gets you through. 13 years ago today I lost my beautiful boy..He was just 8 weeks old…”

“Be kind to yourself, give yourself time to breathe…Counselling worked well for me, but I wasn’t ready to take that step for a long while after my little man died.”

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