Former Neighbours star Natalie Hoflin ‘shamed’ for breastfeeding her 19-month-old son

The Aussie actress says she is made to feel "embarrassed and shamed" for breastfeeding her son.
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Natalie Hoflin, formerly Natalie Blair, is an Australian actress best known for her role in TV drama Neighbours where she played Carmella Cammeniti between 2003 and 2011. And while the 33-year-old isn’t new to public attention,the actress says she’s been turning heads for all the wrong reasons. In fact, the mother of one says she gets treated like a “straight up weirdo” and is made to feel “embarrassment and shame” for breastfeeding her 19-month-old son.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the actress shared a powerful photo of herself breastfeeding her son alongside a caption pushing for acceptance and respect of her choices as a mum.

Recalling the comments she’s received from people who have an issue with her nursing her 19-month-old, Natalie wrote:

“‘Oh, you’re still breastfeeding?! Shouldn’t you be done by now? You’ll cut him off by his second birthday right?’ In the early days questions like these didn’t bother me, they felt innocent. But lately the tone feels different. Judgment, disapproval. Like I’m a straight up weirdo,” she admits.

“I’m finding that breastfeeding proud part of myself starting to want to hide. Be more discreet with feeding, or wait until nobody is around. Even though I’m proud of my breastfeeding journey and don’t intend to stop anytime soon (Finn is almost 20 months) the above questions still bring up feelings of embarrassment and shame.”

Natalie Hoflin played Carmella Cammeniti on Ramsay Street between 2003 and 2011.

While Natalie admits the comments are starting to have an impact, she went on to explain to her fans the importance of breastfeeding.

“It’s nuts, why on earth should anyone feel shame for connecting, nourishing, comforting, bonding with their child? I understand what an absolute privilege it has been, for me to be a stay at home mum and have the luxury of building our breastfeeding relationship. I am well aware that it’s not always that easy.”

The Aussie actress, who had a small role in the Jennifer Lawrence film Like Crazy, stresses that this is her choice and her journey and all mothers should be encouraged to raise their child the best way they know how.

“But the truth of the matter is, this is my path, my truth, my journey and I shouldn’t have to be embarrassed or hide it. This is me. Breast fed, bottle fed, formula fed, it’s all good. We are all doing our best to raise these little humans. But let’s show a little respect to ALL paths travelled.”

An advocate to normalise breastfeeding, Natalie’s most recent post isn’t her first on the topic. Previously, she has posted photographs of her son feeding. “Not that long ago I had to guide you, position you just right for a comfortable feed. Now, I hike up my top and wait for you to notice,” she wrote on a shot of herself and her young bub breastfeeding in bed.

Natalie now lives in California with her husband David and it appears her message about feeling shamed whole breastfeeding her 19-month-old hit home to a lot of her fans who embraced her candid post.

“Beautiful words, thank you! And so much love to you on your journey too,” commented one fan.

“No one else’s business. Do what is right for you and bub. You are a beautiful strong woman. Sending love your way,” wrote another.

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