These cheap and easy indoor play ideas will keep your kids active and entertained for HOURS

Consider these games your answer to the inevitable, "I'm bored".
Entertaining children at home

When it’s either pouring with rain or simply too hot to step outside (or perhaps you don’t have an outdoor space) it can be a challenge to occupy the kids indoors, let alone keep them active – physically and mentally. Especially during the seemingly endless school holidays!

Combat the boredom with our easy activity ideas for indoor fun and games. Why not pin these indoor actives for kids’ to the fridge door so that you always have an answer to the inevitable “I’m bored!”.

10 pin bowling

Using recyclable bottles or cartons and a soft ball, like a tennis ball, set up a bowling alley in the hallway. Each child takes a turn and gets a point for every pin they knock down.

Land the ping pong ball in the bucket

This one will get the kids up and moving. All you need is a plastic bucket and a ping pong. Place the bucket on the floor and ask the kids to take one step back away from it. They each take turns throwing the ping pong ball into the bucket. Watch as they try to get the notoriously bouncy ball to stay in the bucket. After a child lands a ball in the bucket, they’re to take another step backwards, furthering the distance from the bucket, and throwing again.

T-shirt decorating

Either revamp an old white tee or pick up an inexpensive shirt from Big W, Kmart or Best ‘N Less. Encourage your children to create their own personalised designs using fabric paints, glitters and pens. They’ll love creating something they can wear later.

Dress ups

Keeping a box of costumes is always a good idea when you have small children. Keep an eye out for dancing costumes or theater outfits donated to charity and second-hand stores. For just a few dollars, your kids will have hours of fun, plus playing dress ups is great for their imagination and creative play.

Make your own photo albums

Many of us have stacks of photos that need organising or put into albums. We probably also have hundreds on our phones which have never seen the light of day. Let the kids make their own photo albums by choosing a selection of their favourite photos, sticking them into a scrapbook and adding their own clever captions. It’s a wonderful keepsake that helps you get organised too.

Build a fort

Use either soft furnishings (blankets, pillows and sheets), or stop by the local appliance and hardware store and ask if they have any spare boxes, to create a little sanctuary, fort or ‘house’. The kids will have a ball building their own own grand designs.

Act out the story from their favourite book

While you read you kids’ favourite book, ask the them to act out the scenes following your words. Alternatively, leave them to create a play about their favourite storybook, and you can be their audience when they’re ready to lift the curtain.

Musical bums

A favourtie at kids’ birthday parties, musical bums is just like musical chairs, using cushions instead of chairs – so it’s ideal for apartments and small spaces. Place one less cushions than children on the floor, then play their fave upbeat song while they wiggle and dance around the room. When you hit pause on the track, the kids must find a cushion and plonk themselves on it. The child without a cushion seat sits out until the game starts again. Each round remove a cushion until there is just two children and one cushion between them.

Library film club

For when it’s time to for a little relaxation and quiet… Most libraries rent out DVDs, so get the kids to choose a film each as well as a couple of books to keep them quiet. Also look out for holiday workshops at the library.

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Turn your home into a kiddie day spa

Create your own spa at home for a fraction of the price. Get everyone in a dressing gown then paint your kids’ nails, do their hair and give them a massage. Then swap and let them provide spa services to you!

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