The Disney Book Ears you'll love as much as your kid do

Three words: entertainment for hours.

By Ellie McDonald
If you’ve ever struggled to settled your child by reading them a book, Disney may have just answered your (sleep-deprived) prayers...
Disney Book Ears add amazingly intuitive, non-invasive sounds to the stories you’re reading your little one, making reading time a whole lot easier.
The best part? The soundscape technology, which can be adjusted to different accents, intonation and expression (because it’s oh-so techni-cool like that), is designed to entertain your child, allowing you more time to get on with tasks you may have let fall to the wayside.
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^^Like, having a five-minute power snooze...
Designed for kids aged 3-8, the Disney Book Ears also possess a Google-powered speech recognition feature; the Ears listen out for words and phrases that can trigger sounds from a database of sound effects that play through your phone’s speakers.
Entertaining and educational, with the potential to amuse our children for hours on end?
OK, we're sold.