20 DIY Halloween costumes for kids that aren’t spooky

You don't have to be scary to trick or treat!
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Halloween is becoming more and more popular here in Australia, and on October 31st you can expect a sea of little ghosts and ghouls taking to the streets in the search for candy.

But Halloween doesn’t have to be all spiders and pumpkins and fake blood. Overseas kids and families use the holiday as a chance to show off their wit, thinking of cute and clever costumes to take around their neighbourhoods.

If you think that means spending a fortune in the costume aisle, think again. There are plenty of DIY ideas out there to make sure you and your kids have a Halloween to remember.

We’ve rounded up 20 of our favourites in the gallery below.

More Spooky content to get you ready for Halloween 2019:

(Image: Instagram/kaitstoeckel)


Arthur: “And I say HEY! What a wonderful kind of day. If you can learn to work and play. And get along with each other.” Dare you not to sing that the whole way around your suburb with a cutie dressed like this!

(Image: Instagram/kaitstoeckel)

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga: Let your little rockstar shine by dressing them up as iconic stars like Gaga.

(Image: Instagram/laurenblixrud)

Cat lady

Cat lady: This crazy cat lady costume idea is purrrrfectly simple.

(Image: Instagram/treehousethreadsblog)


Mum: This hilarious idea puts a spin on the traditional Halloween ‘Mummy’ costumes.

(Image: Instagram/amandakingloff)


Hedgehog: Not much cuter than kid dressed up as a cute furry animal! This hedgehog costume has been made with penne pasta. How clever is that?!

(Image: Instagram/nliv87)

Cindy Lou Who

Cindy Lou Who: If this little face doesn’t inspire you to get your Grinch designing on, nothing will!

(Image: Instagram/wailaauroad)


Pokemon: Gotta catch em all! If you’re handy on the old Singer, a family Pokemon theme is a fun way to hit the streets this Halloween.

(Image: Instagram/whatlydiamade)

Cute monster

Cute monster: Scraps of fabric make for a pretty cute little monster!

(Image: Instagram/laurenandbears)

Little devil

Little devil: Your little devil will be the talk of the town in this easy to pull together fancy dress costume.

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Cute kids Hungry Caterpillar DIY costume

(Image: Instagram/_alisoncontreras_)

Oompa Loompa

Oompa Loompa: Gotta love an easy Halloween Costume that doubles up for Book Week too. This Oompa Loompa cutie is a perfect example.

(Image: Instagram/ivy.and.dots)


BB-8: Even if you can’t sew, felt and a hot glue gun will make you look a seamstress. Take this simple Star Wars BB-8 for example. Not one single stitch!

(Image: Instagram/nikki.goodell)

Juice Box

Juice Box: A cardboard box and a bit of crafting and your little sweetie could be trick or treating as their favourite flavoured juice treat!

(Image: Instagram/jebergs)


Incredibles: A bit of felt and some crafting nous and your bub’s onesie converts to a superhero costume like this little Jack-Jack cutie.

(Image: Instagram/two.little.mamas)

101 Dalmations

101 Dalmations: Your treat bags will be overflowing if you hit the neighbourhood as a Cruella Deville and a dalmation puppy pair!

(Image: Instagram/kaitstoeckel)

Handmaid’s Tale

Handmaid’s Tale: Under his eye. Nobody would dare deny your little June a handful of treats!

(Image: Instagram/kaitstoeckel)


Nurse: Dressing up as mum or dad is a super cute way to hit the trick or treat trail. This little nurse outfit would be a gorgeous tribute to someone special.

(Image: Instagram/hairtodream)


Rey: Star Wars fans love Rey, and the Jakku scavenger is easy to recreate with a little hair creativity!

(Image: Instagram/dearjudephotography)

Fairy Floss

Fairy Floss: Got a glue gun? Time to buy out your local supermarket of all of the cotton balls and get this sweet little costume on your kid … stat!

(Image: Instagram/notionsmarketing)


Unicorn: Halloween does not only have to be about ghouls and ghosts. Not when unicorns looks so cute!

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