See how this dad helped his daughter wear her superhero costume with pride

The cutest crime-fighting duo we’ve ever seen.

All three-year-old Phoebe Arnold wanted to do was wear her favourite Batman costume for Superhero Day at her nursery school.

But when she felt embarrassed to put it on because it was a ‘costume for boys’, her father swooped in to save the day.

Introducing… Super Dad aka Danny Arnold.

He dug out his Superman costume from Halloween a few years back and walked into class with his gorgeous little sidekick in tow.

Arnold’s fiancée Claire Phipps said of Arnold: “He told [Phoebe] he would take her to nursery dressed as Superman, and that it didn’t matter what anyone else thought just as long as she was happy.”

“He told her if anyone said anything, their opinions didn’t matter because the costume wasn’t just for boys – girls could wear it as well,” Phipps continued.

She later uploaded the photo of the crimefighting duo on the Life of Dad Facebook page.

“The responsibility of looking after my family and protecting my girls is very much a happy and natural role for me,” said Arnold.

“I’m of the belief that, if I show my girls how they should be treated by men, then they will have very high standards when they are older… so I am making sure to set the bar very high.”

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