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Suri’s finally 18 and now mum Katie Holmes is ready to talk

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Tom Cruise looked like he didn’t have a care in the world last week, bopping along to Coldplay while at Glastonbury. However, sources say all that could change now his ex-wife Katie Holmes is free of their custodial agreement – and, apparently, very ready to talk.

US media sources confirm the actress, 45, is once again “fielding multi-million-dollar offers” from major news networks, including Oprah Winfrey’s team, for her first sit-down interview about the most explosive Hollywood divorce in history.

Tom Cruise looking into camera and Katie Holmes looking with a sly grin and hand under her chin
Katie has been inundated with offers to tell her story. (Image: Getty)


“Since Suri turned 18, Katie has been inundated with mind-blowing offers to tell her side of the story,” says an insider. “And she has a lot to say. 

“Now that Suri is dealing with her dad directly, everything’s changed for Katie. Although, she’s still unnerved by the thought of doing an interview about things that even privately she’s been unable to fully talk about.”

No one can forget when Katie shocked Scientologist Tom, 61 – and the entire world – with her 2012 stealth-bomb divorce. Yet friends say that she knew she wouldn’t be completely free for another 12 years. 

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise in wedding dress and tux smile at their wedding
Katie and Tom wed in a star-studded ceremony back in 2006. (Image: Getty)

With the help of her lawyer dad, Martin Holmes, Katie made a “miraculous exit” from the marriage with full custody of their daughter Suri. But that tied the actress to a custody deal until Suri turned 18, upon which a new arrangement between Tom and Suri would kick in to cover her college fees, security and general well-being. 

“Suri’s birthday was a ‘liberation’ milestone for both of them,” the source says. “For the first time in decades she finally feels free, even in little ways, like not having to see his name in her bank account for custody payments. 

“It’s like a weight’s been lifted and she’s ready to open up about her story.”


Tom Cruise jumps on Oprah's yellow sofa with Oprah looking in disbelief
Katie could open up with talk show queen Oprah. (Image: Oprah show)

According to the insider, Oprah would be the ideal person to conduct the long-awaited interview. “She knows Tom and has the skills to handle any conflicts that might arise,” the source explains. “There are still very strict NDAs in place limiting what Katie can and can’t talk about.

“But there are ways of getting around it. Katie would be a fool to not seriously consider these offers.”

However, friends say Katie’s number-one concern will always be Suri. “She would never do anything without Suri’s approval,” adds the insider. “If doing an interview could upset or hurt Suri in any way, she won’t do it. 

“Katie does feel uncomfortable about opening up on what was a traumatic time for both of them. But she knows it can be done in a sensitive way.

“She also knows that Tom will never forgive her for walking out on him and the last thing she wants to do is poke the bear.”

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