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Catriona Rowntree lives a lowkey farm life with husband James and two kids

This farmer has found his wife.
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Getaway host Catriona Rowntree didn’t expect to meet her soulmate during a huge country party on a farm, but that is how she met her now-husband James Pettit.

At the time, she couldn’t imagine leaving her family in Sydney for farm life in Victoria. But this “fling” with a farmer blossomed into a real romance, with James dropping to one knee in 2007.

In November, Catriona shared a sneak peak into the farm life with James.

(Image: Instagram)

The following year on April 5, 2008, James and Catriona exchanged wedding vows in a beautiful chapel.

Now, Catriona has fully embraced the farm life! In November 2023, she shared a rare photo alongside her husband to Instagram.

“Oh Lordy ladies, how did I end up here!!!” she captioned the photo.

“All is well, feeding the troops, harvest in full swing. ‘Ave a good weekend!”

In an interview with 9Entertainment, Catriona revealed James’ way of showing romance.

“James’ idea of romance is organising the rams to join the ewes so that they have their babies on my birthday, he thinks that’s beautiful,” she shared.

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On August 5, 2009, they welcomed their first child together, a son called Andrew John Rowntree Pettit with her second son, Charles Stephen Rowntree Pettit arriving on March 11, 2011.

At the time of her first birth, both James and Catriona were 39-years-old and aware of the challenges had they made the decision to delay having a second child.

“I’m in my late thirties so I didn’t want to muck around,” Catriona told Woman’s Day in 2010, while she was pregnant with Charles. “I don’t want to be pregnant for the next seven years, and while that baby changing table is out, we may as well put it to good use!”

Despite her public life on television, and having arguably one of the most incredible jobs, Catriona has kept her family life relatively private. But judging from what little fans have seen of the family, they are enjoying the farm life.

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(Image: Instagram)

In March 2024, Catriona shared a collection of hilarious pictures of her husband to celebrate his special day.

“Happiest of birthdays to this hunk of burnin’ love. He’s not on Insta so I can let rip with the pics (do you detect a theme in ours? 🤔) but he’s a good egg is this one, broke the mould and all that…here’s to a day of love and cuddles,” she captioned the photo (above).

(Image: Instagram)

In early December, Catriona’s son finished Junior School! The proud parents embraced Charlie on the joyous occasion.

“That’s a wrap for Charlie, couldn’t be more proud. I was sure when he excelled at maths he must’ve been swapped in the delivery room, however he’s apparently a natural in front of the camera, so all is well in the world,” she wrote.

“Sending hugs to all parents feeling a little emotional, over their little ones moving on.”

(Image: Instagram)

Blurry photos are always a sign of a good time, and Catriona had the best with her family while celebrating her birthday.

“I was thoroughly spoiled. Andrew made me the most beautiful card that I’ll frame, saying all the things he thinks of when he thinks of Mum. Words like ‘gardener’, ‘comedic’, ‘beweldering’ ‘chatty’, ‘effectionate’ and ‘role model’ were lovely but he also included ‘antique’ ! ‘Well, you are a little bit Mum!’. So this antique also decided to do on my birthday ‘what makes me happy? I’ll go for a fly!'”

(Image: Instagram)

In April 2023, Catriona shared this hilarious anniversary post to Instagram, replacing James aka “babycakes” with a sheep!

“Here’s a before and after shot for you, considering my man has not had a haircut in years and I say ‘he’s turning into a ram!’ I thought I’d just save time and offer a realistic view of us. 15 years married, 23 years bonded, ain’t love grand,” she wrote.

(Image: Instagram)

“Meet Brambles and Wolfgang. A couple of Silkie Coq’s and the newest members of our family (am I mad?),” she joked on Instagram.

“We didn’t name them, Charlie wants to call them Nugget and The Colonel…I just don’t know…aren’t they fluffy and cute though! #farmlife @oncewas__ #chooks #cute PS Charlie only does his classes on the farm.”

(Image: Instagram)

A chainsaw isn’t the usual Christmas gift, but Catriona appeared to be having fun.

“Not only have I married someone who gave me a chainsaw for Christmas, I requested it! Winter is coming, so today was my first lesson, naturally I planned my wardrobe, we were so happy and it was like duelling chainsaws,” she wrote.

“Poetry in motion. My Fresh Farmer just looked at me and said ‘I knew I picked the right wife.’ Oh dear.

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