Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas’ children are all grown up

Where are Carys and Dylan now?
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Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas with their two children Carys and Dylan are arguably one of the most envious families, proving they are the epitome of Hollywood glamour time and time again.

Tthe world was shocked to hear the two entertainers were having children so soon after meeting, but years decades later, Carys and Dylan are all grown up. So, where are they?

The night Catherine and Michael met.

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The family first began when Catherine and Michael were introduced to each other by mutual friends while promoting their films – A Perfect Murder and The Mask of Zorro respectively – at the Deauville Film Festival.

Immediately, Michael knew he was going to be the father of her children.

“I looked at her, and I said, ‘Catherine, I’m going to be the father of your children’,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2019.

“The first time I met her! You think that went over big?”.

The pair met in 1998.

(Image: Instagram)

The pair tied the knot in a luxurious wedding ceremony at the Plaza Hotel in New York City on November 18, 2000. Catherine looked like the picture of elegance in her Christian Lacroix gown with a low-cut bodice and sleeveless silhouette.

Catherine and Michael’s timeless ceremony, which reportedly cost $2.6 million, will forever be pinned in someone’s Pinterest board for wedding inspiration.

But, just months before their wedding on August 8, 2000, Catherine gave birth to their first child, a son named Dylan Michael Douglas.

Three years later on April 20, 2003, the stars welcomed their daughter Carys who has grown to become the spitting image of her mother.

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Now Dylan, 23, and Carys, 20, are carving their own way through the world. But what does the future hold for them? Will they become entertainers like their parents or live a simple life?

Only time will tell, and we aren’t fortune tellers, but continue scrolling to see what the siblings are doing now.

A family photo isn’t complete without silly faces and a flexing dad! In celebration of the New Year, the family ventured on a vacation in India. But in April 2024, Michael shared the secret to always ensuring their kids want to go on holiday with them.

“Catherine and I are blessed with the fact that our kids Dylan and Carys still like to travel with us,” Michael began on Today US. “Especially when you’re not forcing them. I said, ‘Catherine, look, they actually want to hang out with us.’ But we’ve got good trips, we seduce them with good places to go.”

May 2023

Carys stepped out with her parents in May 2023 to attend to 76th annual Cannes film festival in France.

May 2023

Can we have another moment for the dresses?

May 2023

Michael looks like such a proud father. We might be crying a little after this photo…

Feb 2023

Dylan attended the Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania” premiere in February 2023, in support of his dad who plays a major role in the film.

April 2023

In April 2023, Dylan and Michael appeared on the red carpet together for the “Goodnight, Oscar” Broadway opening night at Belasco Theatre.

August 2022

Dylan celebrated his 23rd birthday in August 2022, when Carys praised her “built-in best friend” and “the epitome of joy.”

May 2022

Dylan officially graduated from college in May 2022. Congratulations!

April 2022

“The band is back together!” Catherine claimed on Instagram as the family visited college campus.

Nov 2020

A beautiful family pic for Thanksgiving 2020.

Dec 2019

In December 2019, the family travelled to Zanzibar and took this adorable family photo at lunch.

Aug 2020

How cute! Carys shared this touching photo with her brother to celebrate his 20th birthday where she thanked her “best friend.”

“I thank you for everything and love you more than you will ever know. I am the luckiest sister!”.

Oct 2019

Catherine and Dylan visiting campus.

Sept 2020

“Summer officially over in our family,” Catherine began on Instagram.

“Today both our young adults go back to studying. In different, unprecedented ways. I love you both… And to all kids out there. Knowledge is the key to life. So battle through.”

Insta shared Feb 2019

In 2019, Catherine shared this flashback photo of the family travelling in Wales.

April 2022

Catherine wrote: “Happy 19th Birthday to my beautiful daughter (inside and out) Carys, everyday is a joy because of you. I love you with all my heart❤️Mama.”

May 2022

In celebration to all the mum’s out there, Catherine posted this adorable black and white photo with her kids, writing:

“Happy Mother’s Day, to all mothers, and stepmothers and foster mothers and grandmothers and all who have the joy in life to love and protect children.”

June 2020

For Father’s Day in June 2020, Catherine posted this family flashback photo

August 2022

There’s no denying this mother-son duo share the same eyes. To celebrate Dylan’s 22nd birthday, Catherine wrote:

“You are everything to me and everything is you. The joy you have brought to this world thus far, is immeasurable. I love you more than words can say.”

April 2021

In celebration of Carys 18th birthday, Catherine shared this photo with a beautiful tribute.


“Happy 18th Birthday Carys Zeta! You are everything, and everything is you. Thank you for the joy you bring me. At 5 am this morning, you texted me to thank me, for giving birth to you,” she wrote.

“That’s the kind of woman you are. Kind. Your wisdom out numbers your years. You beauty is deep and your heart is big enough to love and envelop the world, your sense of humor……very important…. is insurmountable. I could go on. Your Japanese needs some work, but that’s doable. I love you angel. Mama.”

May 2018

The ultimate partners in crime.

Sept 2018

“Happy birthday to my beautiful parents, the people who constantly inspire me and have taught me everything I know. I am in awe of both of you and the goodness you bring to the world. I love you more than you can imagine,” Carys wrote.

June 2021

Dylan shared this old polaroid picture of himself and his dad, Michael in tribute to Father’s Day.

“Dad- every year on father’s day I find it hard to articulate how much you mean to me. I should really tell you everyday how much I appreciate you, let alone once a year, but the honest truth is that I can’t find the right words,” he wrote on Instagram.

“All I can say is that you are my whole world. You are my leader, a role model and someone I aspire to be in every way. I can’t imagine a world without you— your advise I hold in the highest regard, and your unwavering support drives me to work hard and believe in myself. I love you so much it honestly hurts. Happy Father’s Day”.

Insta shared August 2022

Dylan as just a little newborn.

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