International pop-star and doting mum: Inside Britney Spears relationship with her two sons Sean and Jayden

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She’s one of the biggest pop stars in the world, a 90s phenomenon, but Britney Spears also has another very important role in life as a mother to two young boys.

The 39-year-old shares two sons with ex-husband, Kevin Federline, 15-year-old Sean Preston and 14-year-old Jayden James.

Britt was just 22 when she wed K-Fed.

It was a fast-paced, whirlwind romance for Britney, 22 at the time, and Kevin, then 26.

After meeting in 2004 the couple dated for just three months before announcing their engagement and waiting another two to tie the knot.

It also didn’t take long for the singer to fall pregnant with their first child, Sean, giving birth on in September 2005 just four days before their wedding anniversary.

The famous duo welcomed their second son, Jayden, the following year.

Brittney and Kevin welcomed their first bub in 2005.

However, just two months after Jayden’s arrival, Britney filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

In 2016 Kevin told VLAD TV his short-lived marriage to Britney was “overwhelming”.

“I mean, just getting around from place to place and having 20 people follow you all day long — your whole life kind of being told through somebody else’s eyes,” he told the publication.

“We like, were caught right in the midst of that whole thing,” Federline went on. “It was so crazy. I look back at it and it’s like, at times it was so overwhelming.

“But now, none of that matters. Everything is cool. Both of us have moved on, our kids are doing great.”

Sean and Jayden have always been the apple of Britney’s eyes?

Britney reportedly lost custody to her two kids after she suffered a breakdown in 2007 which saw the star infamously shave her head and attack a photographer’s car with an umbrella before being photographed driving her sons with a suspended license.

The singer was placed under conservatorship of her father, Jamie Spears, the following year.

In 2019 the couple reached a new custody agreement, according to E!, that granted Britney 30 percent unsupervised custodial rights to her sons, with Kevin keeping majority custody.

The doting mum regularly shares snaps with her boys.


Kevin’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan recently told ET that Britney’s conservatorship help create “structure and stability” to their co-parenting agreement.

“[Kevin] of course feels that it’s always an extra layer of security to maintain structure and stability in anyone’s home that there’s a third party there whose job it is to see that everything is organized and orderly,” he said.

“As the boys get older, how they feel about where they want to be and when they want to be there is given a little more weight.”

The doting mum regularly shares a number of sweet snaps with her two sons holidaying and hanging out together.

The star recently spoke out about wanting more kids.

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Britney recently spoke out amid her court case to have her conservatorship allowing father Jamie to control her life removed.

Speaking to a judge, the star revealed that under the conservatorship she is not allowed to have additional children, get married to boyfriend Sam Asghari, or take out her IUD.

“I have an IUD in my body right now that won’t let me have a baby and my conservators won’t let me go to the doctor to take it out,” Spears said. “I wanna be able to get married and have a baby.”

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