The breastfeeding pump hack that’s going viral

No more crying over spilt milk!
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When Australian-born, Switzerland-based lactation consultant Johanna Sargeant shared her breast-pumping hack on Facebook she had no idea it would go viral.

But tens of thousands of mums from all over the world saw the simple genius in the idea that can potentially save heartbreak at what can be a stressful time, and shared it nearly ten thousand times.

So simple!

(Credit: Milk and Motherhood)

“Are you someone who sits and watches the trickle of milk, if any, that comes when pumping? Do you get stressed or sad about your output?” Sargeant asked in her post.

“When I was told to pump after feeding to boost supply, I’d sit there and watch. I’d double pump for twenty minutes after ever feed, and become more and more demoralised at the lack of milk in that bottle. I realised that, for my own mental health, I needed to stop watching! Easier said than done. Enter the baby sock.”

Alongside an image of a pump-bottle covered in a baby sock, Sargeant offered the following advice …

“Now I advise mamas to put a sock over their pumping bottle, and it has been getting incredible results. Some women are reporting often 2-3 times more milk when they remove themselves mentally from the result of their pumping session! We know that oxytocin release is inhibited by stress, and oxytocin release is required for letdowns, so if you find you are getting stressed while watching, try it!”

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The sock idea is not the only genius hack out there for breastfeeding and pumpin’ mammas either. Lactation Consultant Susan Howard shared another simple tip to help pumpers do it hands free without worrying about spilling a precious drop.

“Those silicone milk collectors are fabulous but an errant kick can can mean losing precious drops. To prevent a milk catastrophe: loop two rubber bands or hair ties together, slip one loop around the neck of a silicone milk collector and the second loop onto your nursing bra/tank. And Voila!”

Socks and hair-ties. Proof that a new mum can MacGyver her way out of any tricky situation!

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