The best highchairs in Australia

Highchairs need to be sturdy and safe. Here's what to look for when buying one and our pick of the bunch.
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Shopping for the perfect highchair for you and your baby? Choosing the right one, can depend many different factors including your budget, lifestyle and the amount of space you have in your home.

Above all else, it’s important to choose a chair that is safe and sturdy for your little one at meal times.

When it comes to safety, CHOICE recommends looking out for the following:

Five-point harness: This means a harness with shoulders, waist and crotch straps so kids can’t fall or climb out.

Construction: This should be sturdy and robust enough to carry the weight of a child.

Stability: Look for legs that spread outwards further than all other parts of the chair – vertical legs aren’t as stable.

Moving parts: These shouldn’t be able to pinch, crush or trap a child’s finger, toe, limb or head (or the fingers of an adult folding or adjusting the chair). Also check for sharp edges and easily detachable parts (including stickers) that could pose a choking hazard.

Castor wheels: Useful for moving the chair around. These should have brakes that lock in position on at least two of them (the front or back set). If the chair doesn’t have castors, make sure it’s light enough to move easily without them.

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Large or adjustable seat: Useful if you plan to use the chair into toddlerdom.

Reclining back or seat: Good for younger babies who can’t sit upright for long.

Tray: This should be secure when fitted, but easy to remove, attach and adjust.

Height adjustment and back-reclining: These should be easy for you, but not your child, to operate.

Foldable: Handy for storage. The chair should be easy to fold and unfold.

Lightweight: If you’re going to be regularly moving the chair, make sure it’s not too heavy.

Footrest or leg support:

This is important to support the child’s feet or calves. Adjustable footrests are useful as the child grows.

Simple to clean: Watch out for nooks and crannies in the chair frame, cushion or straps where food can be hard to clean out.

Read on, as Bounty Editors reveal their 5 picks for the best highchairs in Australia.

5 of best high chairs in Australia

The Phil & Ted’s Poppy highchair.

1/5 The Phil & Ted’s Poppy highchair, converts from a highchair into a child’s chair suitable for up to 5 years of age (or 20kg). Compact and flat-folding for easy storage, the large tray and seat unattach for easy dishwashing cleaning, eliminating the risk of hidden food crumbs or bacteria.

The Pod Timber High Chair in Natural by Childcare.

2/5 The Pod Timber High Chair in Natural from Childcare has a removable and adjustable tray and removable footrest. Plus, it converts to a handy low toddler seat.

The Steelcraft Messina high chair.

3/5 The Steelcraft Messina features include six position adjustable height, padded seat and lockable wheels for maneuverability Plus, there’s a simple press button fold for storage and transport.

The Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair.

4/5 The Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair fits right up to your dining table. The baby seat and cushion accessories provide comfort and the adjustable seat and footplate positions allow the chair to grow with your child. Plus, it’s available in a range of colours.

The Nuna Zaaz highchair.

5/5 The Nuna Zaaz evolves from baby to big-kid size with a removable tray and arm bar, and gliding lift mechanism. The unique air foam cushion is comfortable and easy to clean.

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