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In 2021, the Today show’s sport presenter Alex Cullen and wife Bonnie welcomed their third child, Max – and hopefully not their last – to their little clan with twin girls Audrey and Evie.

Although Alex and Bonnie remain relatively private, on the rare occasion fans are given a glimpse into the family of five daily life.

Alex and Bonnie welcomed Max in mid-August 2021.

(Image: Instagram)

To announce his son’s birth, Alex shared a tribute post to Instagram which read:

“After 41 and a half weeks it was well and truly worth the wait! Name TBC and can’t wait for his big twin sisters Audrey and Evie to meet him, boss him and shower him with cuddles,” he said.

“I marvel at Bonnie’s strength especially in these very trying times. Just amazing. Mum and baby Cullen recovering well.”

There is no doubt the young presenter loves being a dad, but he can’t deny the challenges.

“Audrey and Evie adore their little brother Max.”

(Image: Instagram)

“Unbridled joy with the girls getting to know their little brother.”

(Image: Instagram)

“Proud dad moment. It’s been an eventful week!,” Alex revealed in a post to Instagram nearly two months after Max’s birth which should his beautiful children bonding. The twins even snuck a cheeky kiss!

“Second week of paternity leave and while it’s challenging, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Audrey and Evie adore their little brother Max. Very special and very blessed.”

Audrey and Evie are just smitten with their baby brother, where Alex recently shared another photo of his girls grinning while they held Max.

“Unbridled joy with the girls getting to know their little brother,” he said.

Audrey and Evie adore their little brother.

(Image: Instagram)

A year after Max’s birth, the father-of-three shared a snap of the family playing in the sand and little Max was standing on his own!

The twins are growing too fast, but one thing has remained constant between the girls and that is their love of quirky costumes.

In early 2022, Alex shared a photo of Audrey and Evie showing off their roar face as they dressed up in lion and tiger outfits. Months later the pair donned colourful headpieces with a rainbow fringe and ears.

Alex captioned the photo: “Trouble.”

This so-called “trouble” also followed him to work, however, it was more heart warming than imaginable. His three kids featured on the Today program in late November 2023, to wish his dad a very happy birthday!

“What a special morning. A surprise happy birthday from my wonderful family and then lovely cake and some kind words from the @thetodayshow family. Thank you my darling @bonbonred and feeling very blessed. Evie singing in between eating apple peels,” he wrote on Instagram.

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